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Start at the beginning, meet our family when we were still very green and in the throws of figuring it all out.

Saying Goodbye to Pre-School

It is so hard to say goodbye to pre-school for many reasons but the most important reason is that I will miss the Early Childhood Center and Linda Campbell who made it all that it is.

Its Okay to Stay Home and Play

Sometimes, if you have the energy, it is good to stop and spend the day playing with your children, at home.

The High Activity Level of Boys

Accepting boys and all of their energy is not always easy as a mother but if you don't accept it then you will be forever fighting it and who wants that?
A Mother's Love for Her Children

A Mother’s Love for Her Children

A Mother's Love for Her Children Picking up the boys from school yesterday was different than usual.  I watched lovingly as my little weeds emerged from school with backpacks on and friends abreast. They ran...

Mom Health Food

A diet of nuts, berries and vodka is not always the healthiest way to live.

Is it The Terrible Twos, Threes, or Teens?

After having three of my own boys I am quite aware that it is possible that girls develop differently than boys. Ok, faster. So when it comes to boys, the "Terrible Twos" don't happen...

Conversations with Toddlers

Conversations with Toddlers I have been missing my children even though I see them every day. They want me to make money but do not like it when I am holed up in my office...

Taking Little Children Skiing on Powder Days

Rising to a snow storm, I sluggishly forced myself out of bed keeping my eyes half closed as I crawled on all fours into the bathroom. The full moon had as usual tilted...
Where to Draw the Line with Kids

Being a Mother Can be Frustrating

We are not always in the mood to deal with our children but if we can just embrace them, the day could improve.