Health Wellness and Fitness in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley

Health & Wellness

An underlying theme that weaves throughout this site, is the spirituality that resonates in the people we meet and in our everyday living. As much as we love the social aspect to our valley, we couldn’t partake in any of it without our health. Read about our favorite yoga studios, spas and classes, and experience the retreats we attend through interviews with the inspirational people we meet.

Best of Aspen

I teamed up with local Leading Destination Host for the Luxury Residence Club, Brooke Vick. Brooke shared with me her expertise on where to send her clients while they visit Aspen.

Finding a True Yogi

There is always light, you just have to be open to letting it in.

Loving My Forties

A half hour later I walked out of his office stunned. In my forties, I have found an inner peace and an entirely new view on life and love. My senses are deepened and my openness to the world much greater. I am learning Spanish, writing, reading novels, juggling three boys, relishing in the affections of my husband and deepening my bonds with my girlfriends. Who was this man who could not appreciate the beauty of women in their forties?