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Local’s Choice is a directory of local businesses recommended to us by locals and visiting guests. Businesses that deliver the professionalism and quality service that we demand. We are purposeful in the experiences we seek, and want to ensure that our readers are more than satisfied with what we recommend.

With so many choices, we want to simplify your decision making on who to go to for what services based on quality to enhance your experience.

Evan Rachel Soroka O2 Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy at O2 Aspen

Author: Charlie Henderson Yoga Therapy at O2 Aspen At age twelve, Evan Rachel Soroka,  was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and she has been insulin dependent...

Furniture Maker David Rasmussen

In my attempt to introduce you to the tremendous of wealth of talent in our Roaring Fork Valley I came across the incredibly talented furniture designer, David Rasmussen. David lost his studio to a fire recently and is having a benefit this Friday at SAW to help him to start over. Believe me, once you watch the interview and see his furniture, you will want to be there to support him!!

Creative Spark Studios: Sheri Gaynor

Meet Sheri Gaynor, an incredible woman with a studio in Carbondale that is all about giving and healing through expressive art.
Aspen Architect Paints Obama

Architect & Artist: Katalin Domoszlay

Meet the first of many locals, Katalin Domoszlay. Katalin paints from her cabin in Aspen and is here to share her spiritual perspective on her art with you.