Cesark Gallery Opening - Aspen Real Life
Cesark Gallery Opening

Cesark Gallery Opening

We couldn’t be prouder of our good friends Mark and K Cesark for opening the new Cesark Gallery above Cache Cache at 205 S. Mill Street, and boy what a fun opening it was.

Both extremely talented artists, Mark with his large beautiful works of art created by steel scraps salvaged from car boneyards, and K, an incredible Ceramist, the textural elements lead one to want to touch the pieces and have a lingering desire to keep them as soothing companions in one’s own home.

Be sure to visit them at the Gallery!

[su_box title=”212 Gallery”]Mark Cesark was born in New Jersey in 1965 and spent most of his childhood there. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University in 1989 and received his Masters of Fine Arts from Massachusetts Collage of Art in 1993. Mark, his wife, and their two boys have lived in the Aspen Valley since 1995. Mark’s time in his studio is spent transforming painted steel scraps from old cars, trucks, farming equipment etc. into poetic constructions. Each unique piece is a bridge between sculpture and painting. The objects he uses once had a utilitarian life, then a death, and finally a rebirth as contemporary artwork. Mark looks at each piece as collaboration between man, time, and nature. As stated by the late collector and patron John Powers (founder of the Powers Art Center in Carbondale and an early champion of Cesark’s work), “One might expect that art created from discarded material would have a raw, forbidding appearance. On the contrary, they have a gentle, captivating and sensual presence. The first impression is followed by a feeling of mystery when one learns that the surface areas are made by chance, sometimes by nature and often by human and mechanical work totally unrelated to their artistic intent…Each of the steel sculptures has a story.”[/su_box]

Marks work is exhibited nationally, and he is represented in some of the most prestigious private and public collections in the world.

Ryan Honey Executive Director the Arts Campus at Willits

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