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College/Career Counseling for Students

[su_heading size=”18″]College/Career Counseling for Students[/su_heading]

I would like to introduce you to Marilyn Seltzer, a friend and Career Coach in the Aspen schools. Marilyn is passionate about helping to guide high school students towards a prosperous and happy future.

[su_heading size=”18″]A cool new approach to introducing teens to the world of work and their potential for impact.[/su_heading]

I believe in the unique power of all teenagers; their curiosity, imaginations, creativity and boundless energy. If I can unlock their potential with basic self-knowledge tools and open their eyes to their amazing gifts that can impact, then I have done my job—which is why I spend many days at Aspen and Basalt High Schools co-teaching a new class for Juniors called Discovery.

Discovery introduces Juniors to the ideas of College, Career, and practical ACT test taking techniques. As a certified career coach, I teach the self-knowledge and career portions of this class.

Fear and anxiety steam from the unknown. I have noticed that sixteen year olds typically don’t have a clue what the world of work really looks like, much less how or where they might fit in. The future seems mysterious and far away. Why? This does not have to be.

Frustration, stress, and anger all come from things we feel we have no control over. Students do not have a whole lot of choice and creativity while completing their high school requirements. Have any of you ever met a frustrated and angry teen? Yes, it is their stage in life, but Im hoping to open their perspectives to a more exciting future, one that engages and empowers them and gives them purpose.

My goal in Discovery (Career) is to: inspire teens to pursue a dream, give them the knowledge to understand how to realistically go after it, and the wisdom to make strategic well thought out choices that will lead them to a fulfilling future. I teach them that this exploration is a Practice, it takes Action; their Action. I challenge them to start now.

Purpose with engagement = long-lasting contentment. This is a future I would like to see for our children. It takes a village—–which is why all students must engage with someone in their community who is doing something they think is pretty cool. The Roaring Fork Valley is an amazing community filled with spectacular people and creativity. We tap into our community.

I am always looking for new ideas and better ways to reach teenagers. I will almost never say no to a cup of coffee/tea to discuss this subject. Invite me to tea. Email

This is why I wake up happy every day to do my job!

Bio: Marilyn Seltzer – is a certified career coach and consultant. Marilyn works with adults and students empowering them to understand their greatest skills, talents, and interests which enables them to identify and obtain careers they crave and are excited to wake up to.?

Additionally, Marilyn has a passion for teaching high school students how to get excited about their futures, how to make informed, meaningful, and conscious choices as they approach their college and career transitions. You will often find Marilyn teaching in the classrooms of Aspen and Basalt High Schools inspiring kids to take an active role in their futures. She always has a smile on her face when working with teenagers.

Marilyn is living out her dream in Snowmass Village, Colorado with her husband and two children.

College/Career Counseling for Students

[su_box title=”Top 10 ‘Greatest Hits: of College Admissions via Your Teen Magazine.”]

1. There are 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. If you read the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, you might think there are only 20 to 30 colleges. But there are thousands of colleges at which your teenager can be happy and successful.

2. Don’t encourage your teenager to fall in love with ANY college if she’s younger than 16. Your teenager will change a lot in the next few years. Don’t encourage your junior or senior to fall in love with an elite college, where the chance of admission is slim. And, finally, don’t encourage your teenager to fall in love with a college you can’t afford.

3. Yes everything counts, but don’t panic if your teenager stumbled early on Colleges do look at an applicants entire high school transcript, but they also love to see growth. So if your teenager got low grades early in high school encourage him to finish strong. Thats a trend admissions officers like to see.

4. There are no right extra-curricular activities. Some parents ask, “What activities do colleges like?” The answer: Colleges like what your teenager likes and they especially like what your teenager is passionate about whether that’s sports, debate, cooking, or Medieval reenactment. Also, two to three activities is plenty.

5. Paid employment is a positive. Admissions staffers do not value extra-curricular activities over employment (contrary to popular belief). Volunteering can also be impressive to an admissions committee but only if its meaningful to your teenager.

6. Encourage your teenager to focus on what she can control. Grades, test scores, the essay, letters of recommendation. These are the aspects of the college process your teenager can improve.

7. And discourage your teenager from worrying about what she can’t control. There’s no going back and fixing that bad grade from 10th grade. Instead, focus on writing a fabulous essay, keeping up this years grades, or improving an ACT score.

8. Understand that so-called institutional priorities are also outside of your teenagers control. These are factors like legacy status, race, gender, religion, geography, development potential i.e. can you donate a building that colleges use when putting together a freshman class. For example: students from the Midwest have an advantage at East and West Coast colleges simply because they come from a region that is underrepresented at those schools.

9. Reading is the most powerful thing your teenager can do to prepare for the college process. Strong readers perform better on standardized tests, as well as academically overall. Encourage your student to read 20 to 30 minutes a day.

10. Make affordability a part of the process from the beginning. Thanks to recent legislation, colleges are required to be much more transparent about how much it will cost a family to attend. Do the research. Understand if you can afford a particular school before your teenager applies.[/su_box]

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