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Columbia Omni-Heat, Rexy Baselayers

Who would have thought that Columbia Sportswear was the leading influence in innovative technology and ski clothes? But I will tell you that I am hooked on their Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective clothing.
Columbia Sportswear “Steep and Deep” Jacket

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Once upon a time, Columbia Sportswear was all about paneled black ski coats from the 70’s. But not now. Oh No! Now, it is about state of the art fashion featuring light weight jackets and incredible warmth.

Just the other day I was walking around town when I noticed a mannequin in the window of one of our local ski shops wearing X-Bionic Long Underwear that supposedly heats up your muscles in all of the right areas and the thought occurred to me that if the mannequin looked sexy in long underwear, than I needed to buy myself a pair. I looked at the price tag and guffawed. That much for a base layer that nobody is going to see unless you are confident enough to wear it down to the ski lodge fireplace of the expensive resort where you are staying. Because one thing is for sure, if you are spending that much money on long underwear than you are definitely spending your money on expensive ski vacations. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. I’m just saying that there are less expensive alternatives.

Columbia Sportswear Omni-Heat:

As luck would have it, I went home to find a package from Columbia Sportswear sitting on my doorstep. When I opened it up I found a pair of? women’s Omni-Heat Midweight Long Underwear and a Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective Women’s “Lush Plush” Jacket and was overwhelmed with joy.

As most of you already know, I am in love with Columbia’s Omni-Heat Reflective clothes with the ultimate body heat management system for the outdoors using a dot matrix application of? reflective material on a moisture wicking, air permeable based layer. Working together they reflect and retain body warmth while dissipating moisture heat, resulting in liners that are 20% warmer than standard layers so you can stay outside longer, and by golly it works. Take it from somebody whose extremities often feel something similar to death, as reported by my husband.

I immediately put on my rexy striped thermal underwear and my “Lush Plush” warm and fuzzy new fleece jacket and headed outside to test them out.

Columbia Sportswear is breaking out, combining? fashion with functionality with fleece lambskin-like softness and stretchy smooth face fleece at the shoulders, arms and sides for enhanced mobility. I received many compliments on how the jacket contoured to my body nicely with it’s curved design lines.

Ranging from $69-$120, Columbia Sportswear’s? “Women’s Lush Plush Jacket” is well priced, designed as an ideal mid-layer or early season jacket with a snug fit, making it perfect to wear over a lighter layer. I do not recommend it for mid-winter skiing though for it does not have a water proof shell and would get too warm and bulky with another coat layered on top of it.

As for the Base Layer Midweight Thermal Reflective Tights, I live in them and thanks to the fact that they are washable and have a antimicrobial treatment that keeps the fabric feeling, and smelling, fresh during high-exertion activities, this is not a problem. I have to admit that I feel pretty sexy in my bright rose multi-colored stripes with maximum warmth and minimum weight and 4-way comfort stretch, so thin, soft, silky and warm I have to force myself to not wear them to bed. And…they are only $60.

No need to buy the expensive uber X-Bionic long underwear with fancy paneling to keep you warm. Columbia Sportswear has got you covered with innovative technology and a much more realistic design!

Caught by my son in my favorite Omni-Heat Thermals



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  1. You look adorable in your ski undies!
    I have not skied in so long that I think my ski underwear must date back to the ’80’s!
    Love and miss you


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