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Cybertruck Limo Service in Aspen

Ziska Childs, of Z3RO-G Limo, has a Private Car Service that is reserved by appointment and referral only. We felt lucky to get a ride in her Cybertruck to DIA. She also drives an all-wheel drive Model S 90 KW battery with a luxury interior and Auto Pilot 1.

Ziska pulled up outside our home and we loaded up to head to DIA in her Cybertruck. Our eldest son was moving to Brooklyn and we needed a ride to the airport, and what better way to travel then in a Tesla Cybertruck?

With the scenic Sopris Mountain displayed on the dashboard showing what was behind us, and the beautiful red rocks ahead, we cruised smoothly through Glenwood Canyon. I have driven through the canyon a multitude of times, and never did I have the top of the majestic cliffs visible through the moon roof. Click here for the Instagram reel.

Glenwood Canyon View From the Cybertruck Moonroof

The Tesla Cybertruck has some serious capabilities and is, according to their website, “Built for any planet. Able and rugged enough to go anywhere. Tackle anything with electronically adaptive air suspension that offers 12” of travel and 16” of clearance. It will haul everything you need with a 2500-pound payload and an 11,000-pound towing capacity – the equivalent of an average African elephant. In the Cybertruck you can accelerate 2.6 sec 0-60 MPH, you can also travel up to 340 miles on a single charge, enough to get you into the backcountry and beyond. Recover up to 136 miles of range in just 15 minutes of supercharging.” But be forewarned, you stop at a supercharger and everybody wants a tour! You can also operate your tools or charge any EV with integrated 120V and 240V bed and cabin outlets during a grid outage providing up to 11.5 KW of power directly to your home to help keep the lights on.”

Ziska, part of the eighth generation of artists from her father’s side, comes from an interesting family history. Her father was an abstract expressionist who painted a portrait of Jim Jones, and her mom was a fashionista and a fugitive of Interpol for 20 years.

Whatever vehicle you opt for, you’ll be in great hands with Ziska. Tell her I sent you.

WEBSITE | EMAIL: [email protected]

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