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Dietrich Minor: A Shooting Where We Can Help

This afternoon I received a FB msg, as I often do, asking if I would spread the word about Dietrich Minor, a native to Carbondale who was robbed and shot Monday evening in downtown Nashville while on his way to a friend’s house. You can read the news article here in The Tennessean. Please keep Dietrich in your thoughts, he has had a few surgeries and there have been complications. He is now stable on a ventilator at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Dietrich Minor: A Shooting Where We Can Help

The message came from a new friend Albert of whom I met with his mother during our garage sale and instantly liked them both. Albert bought our Yamaha Portable Grand Piano for his brother who lives in Denver is a brilliant classical pianist and only gets to play the pianos on 16th street. He only plays with his left hand due to a brain injury that doesn’t allow him to use his right arm but he uses pedals and different notes to make it sound like an able two handed pianist, not through left handed music sheets but only through his brain and ears. Albert, requested that I share this story in the hopes that Dietrich Minor, a very close friend of his originally from Carbondale, gets the proper funding he needs to recover. Although, I don’t know Dietrich, I feel as I do from the outpouring of love that keeps dinging in my mailbox from friends who want to spread the word on how special Dietrich truly is, and help pay for his medical bill (he has no insurance – as many people currently probably don’t) and bring him back home to his mother who lives in Aspen.

Dietrich is a 4th generation Carbondalian, lived here for the first 18 years of his life. His brother Chad and he went to Roaring Fork High School where they played football and baseball. He is one of Albert’s best friends and 1 of 5 friends who happen to live multiple states away that he talks to once a week, as Albert states, Dietrich is, “arguably one of the funniest, friendly, happy go lucky friends I’ve ever been lucky to call my Bro.”

Dietrich Minor: Go Fund Me (Click on this link to donate)

Dietrich’s family has currently raised $13,077 of their 100K goal to pay for the hospital bills. This campaign has been shared 1.1K times. This go fund me link  has the small story of what happened to Dietrich Minor in Nashville where he currently lives.

My name is Ashleigh and one of our very close friends was recently a victim of a horrific crime. Dietrich was walking to one of our local spots, (as we all do) and was robbed and shot by two un-known men. He is currently at Vanderbilt with many serious injuries and is stable on a ventilator. Dietrich has no health insurance and I’m sure his bills are going to be outrageous after the surgeries. It is so unfortunate that we can no longer feel safe to walk our own neighborhood streets at the expense of Dietrich. He is a wonderful friend, kind soul, not to mention can make anyone laugh at anything and never deserved this tragedy. Please help us raise funds for this awful incident and pray that they find the ones responsible. Thank you!

[su_box title=”From Albert Wasko”]Dietrich Minor, Carbondale native, is battling a gun shot wound to the stomach that occurred whole an armed robbery was happening whilst he was walking down a street in Nashville to meet friends. He is fighting and a survivor, but still in critical care with ongoing surgery. I, along with countless other people, blessed enough to live in the Roaring Fork valley have found happiness, joy and laughter while in the company of Dietrich Minor. My best self proclaimed snow day in High school was with him. Anytime our crew was in a gondola or on a chairlift he always made us laugh. Our most unforgettable nights always stem from a belly-up show. We recently had an unforgettable time at The Little Nell residences and a night out on the town capped off with a 2 am swim while looking at fresh snow blanketing Aspen.

There are so many generous and amazingly philanthropic people in our valley who give to important charities. We hope that our community will rally to  help bring a native to Carbondale back to full health and back home to his mother who lives and works in Aspen.

I too have lived in Aspen and am getting prepared to move back there hopefully before the year’s end, when I buy a house. All of the best adventures we have had together were either in aspen or on an Aspen Snowmass mountain.

Dietrich has also flown home from California to work lights/sounds for the Xgames 3 or 4 times[/su_box}

[su_box title=”From Dylan”]Dietrich is one of the very few people in my life that I automatically felt comfortable talking to and hanging out with from the moment I met him. I’m grateful to know him and I wish there were more people like him in my day to day life. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”From Ashleigh Rhodes”]Dietrich can light up a room with his sense of humor and his laugh alone. He would never let anyone down. He doesn’t have one bad bone in his body. Dietrich is someone you can rely on for great advice.. sometimes theatrical and totally off subject advice, but he is one of the kindest souls I have ever met. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”From Barbi Runions”]Nashville is growing fast with transplants from all over the world, in a short period of time. With that comes the ugly; that Dietrich is currently experiencing. If I could only ask that every transplant had the sweet beautiful soul of Dietrich’s; Nashville would be the same wonderful place that stole my heart 18 years ago when I made this place my home. He always remembers your name, when you walk into his local hang out, he makes sure that he speaks to you, so you feel welcome and makes time to listen to what is going on in your life and always doles out the best, good hearted, advice! When this happened, my husband, Jeremy said “I knows he’s a fighter and he’s not going to give up”. I just pray that he fights through this mentally as well and has no residual fear or bitterness in life. He has a whole city praying for his recovery! Thank you! [/su_box]

[su_box title=”From Constance A. Markou”]Deetz! What is there not to say about Dietrich. His smile is infectious. I can be having the crappiest day, and he’ll bust out something off the wall that will make me crack a smile. Not to mention, he hands down has the best “threeeeeees” and “sevens” in our favorite game of “Thank you, Mr. Smith.” A lot of us in our group of friends are what the Native Nashvillians call “transplants.” The beauty of our group is that no matter how different we are, from age to occupation, the common denominator is that we’re not from Nashville, and we don’t have a lot of family close by. We may have had a few friends to start with upon moving to Nashville, but at the end of the day, we’re each other’s family. This year, since I couldn’t be back at home to spend Greek Orthodox Easter with my family, a few of us planned a Greek Easter picnic, and Dietrich was probably one of the most excited! We all got together away from our normal hang out, to spend that Spring Sunday in the park, trying different foods, playing Greek egg-cracking games, throwing a football, and enjoying each other’s company. He came up to me at the end and gave me a big hug and said, “Thank you, this was really cool.. to get all of our friends together.” All I could do was smile – he was right. I am truly blessed to be friends with such a genuine, kind-hearted soul and thankful we have such a loving supportive community. Can’t wait to hear him make jokes here soon! #TeamDietrich #OneForAllAndAllForOne #Framily[/su_box]

[su_box title=”From Matt Pittman”]I never saw D without a smile on his face. The man lived life the way you should. A compassionate heart, joy-filled soul, and 100% of the time wearing a smile. To say he could light up a room is a gross understatement. I love him and wish him all the very best this world offers. I am extremely saddened right now for what these animals have taken from him, me, and the rest of this world. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”From Terra James-Jura”]I’ve known him for two years as a friend and coworker. He is easily one of the most warm and genuine people I have ever met. He’s a poster child for living with kindness and celebrating anything that comes his way. Thank you for sharing his story. All the best! [/su_box]

[su_box title=”From Stevie Jewel”]I’ve never met anyone quite like Dietrich, he’s a very special soul. He’s adventurous, creative, kind, and a great friend. When Dietrich first started school for Audio Engineering I remember how his excitement lit up his face. He graduated with recognition for the incredible effort he put in. I’ve seen Dietrich accomplish many things, and I can’t wait to see all the great things he will do once he’s fully recovered. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”From Shanna McEwen”]This entire situation has me worried and scared but praying hard for a fast and healthy recovery. I’ve known Deets since he was 19 when we met at UNLV, he was always super sweet and could make anyone laugh so when he moved to Nashville I was beyond thrilled. He is a good guy to have in your corner. [/su_box]

[su_box title=”From Cara Roadarmel”]I had the pleasure of working with Dietrich at The Band Box and became very close with him over the summer and continually after the season ended. A few words about my dear friend: I have never met someone who can make me smile so big with one look. One hug or pat on the shoulder from Dietrich can change my entire day around; his energy and genuine love for others shows in his eyes and his touch and cannot be appreciated enough. [/su_box]

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