Digital Marketing Packages

Digital Marketing Packages

We are offering affordable digital marketing package​s​ to help get your messages out. Please check them out and let us know which level you would like to come in on.

ENTRY LEVEL SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE $75/mth ($50/mth non-profit). Five month commitment.

Come in at our most affordable rate. We will add your logo to the appropriate category on our blog and give you a taste of our social media love.

At this level you will receive free inclusions in all of our applicable Top Ten lists on our blog. We’ll also do our best to engage with your social media platforms as you publish posts​ (to be on our Home Page plus a category page it is $125/mth).

BASIC SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE $250 ($200 non-profit)

The next level is our Basic Social Media Package whereby if you submit your own story, or message, with images, we build a small social media campaign around it for the months you choose. The story is placed on our blog and pushed out on Facebook once a week for the month. We suggest purchasing the Entry Level Social Media Package along with this package – first month logo placement is free.

ADVANCED SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE $350 ​($300 non-profit)​

The Advanced Social Media Package is similar to the Basic Social Media Package but you’ll also have your logo included in our weekly newsletter for the months you choose (4 total) as well as weekly posts on Instagram and Twitter. We create the hashtags targeting your audience. We suggest purchasing the Entry Level Social Media Package along with this package – first month logo placement is free. 

ADVERTORIAL $500 – $750 ($450 – $700 non-profit​)

Advertorials provide quality content that is authentic and compelling so that it not only blends with the rest of the content on the site, but more importantly, entices people to read. Our best writers will work with you to come up with interesting and creative ways to promote your brand so that it does not feel like an advertisement, but a story worth reading. This way, your target audience will get to know you and your products in a way that feels authentic. This price includes our Basic Social Media Package where we push the advertorial out once a week on Facebook for the month it is published.  For $750 our editor will visit your business and experience your products. This may include live video footage. We suggest purchasing the Entry Level Social Media Package along with this package – first month logo placement is free. 


Owner/Editor of AspenRealLife, Jillian Livingston, conducts a personalized interview on video that is edited to a 3 min spot that gets posted to Youtube and published in an advertorial on AspenRealLife (Advertorial and one month logo placement included as part of the price, followed by a suggested Entry Level SocialMedia Package buy for five months).
Choose your packages and give Jillian a call: 970.379.3864 | Email: [email protected]
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