Discover The White Rim Trail in Utah - Aspen Real Life
Discover The White Rim Trail in Utah

Discover The White Rim Trail in Utah

Every ski town has an off season, April/May and October/November are ours, and that is when we take off to the dessert to follow the sun and either get our mountain biking/hiking started, or extended depending on the season. Seek and explore is a mindset that is an Aspen standard, and often we hit the road and drive 3.5 hours west to Moab, Utah for our adventures. 

Moab has been nicknamed “the adults playground”.  If you are ready for an adventure there, be sure to apply for a permit to ride, hike, run, or drive the White Rim Trail, a ninety-eight mile moderately trafficked loop trail within Canyonlands National Park.

The landscape in The White Rim consists of high desert vistas, deep canyons, sheer red rock cliffs, and the Colorado and Green Rivers.  The White Rim Road and the White Rim Plateau were both named after a thin but very hard layer of White Rim Sandstone that was  deposited some 225 million years ago at the top of a geologic layer called the Cutler Formation. Millions of years later new layers of shale, mudstone, and sandstone were deposited over the White Rim Sandstone then, after the Green and Colorado Rivers were formed, these softer overlying layers began to erode away. The terrain consists of a variety of jeep road, single track, and loose dirt. The recommended clothing is light UV layers that wick off sweat and keep the body cool.

Hydration should always be the first priority when exploring the White Rim. Brands with electrolytes such as; Scratch and Nuun provide great products to stay hydrated. 

[su_note]There is no potable water along the White Rim Road. For mountain bike trips, we highly recommend a four-wheel-drive support vehicle to carry water and equipment.[/su_note]

There are a variety of campsites in the canyon.  You must reserve a location before the trip.

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