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Impeach Trump NOW! Nullify the 2016 Election!

March 25, 2017 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm UTC-6

We are official! This is a permitted event! This is a Peaceful Event!
We are calling for Congress to Impeach Trump!

All those who are coming to this rally/march, please bring a postcard with a USPS stamp with 3 words “Impeach Trump Now”. You will address it to your Senate, Congress, or House of Representative for your area! I will personally take it to the Post Office and mail all at one time. Thank you!

Also, those who do come bring water with you, it’s good and healthy that you keep yourself hydrated especially when the sun is out and when your anxieties are up plus walking. If you want you can volunteer to bring a case of water. Please don’t drink out of others water bottle because of the spread of the flu! Also, bring snacks to keep your energy up.

President Trump almost certainly began violating the Constitution the moment he took the oath of office. From his cozy relationship with Russian leader Vladamir Putin to his myriad conflicts-of-interests arising from his business dealings to his apparent disregard for the U.S. intelligence community. President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily barring citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from traveling to the United States—as well as denying entry to refugees from Syria for the indefinite future. In reality, this was a “Muslim Ban” in his eyes as former Governor of New York Joe Giuliana has admitted. The missed target in Yemen that killed 29 people which include an 8-year-old United States Citizen. His signing of the DAPL construction to go forward to destroy Mother Earth when he is financially bound to that company. Water is life, Oil is not life! Trump’s urgency to take retirement money away from those who earned it and wants to stop most Social Security, this will affect millions of people that are disabled and senior citizens, it’s clear Mr. Trump is not only unfit but also unsafe to serve as president. This NOT Legit President has continuously violated the constitution. We need Congress to hear us! We can’t be silent and sit comfortably in our homes waiting for change, WE THE PEOPLE will be that change! If we let this NOT LEGIT PRESIDENT go unchallenged, we are opening the door to Trumpism that he and his followers envision. Those doors already have started with his Executive Orders. I’M CALLING ALL PEOPLE OF ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS AND ALL RELIGIONS TO RISE AND LET CONGRESS HEAR YOUR VOICES TO IMPEACH TRUMP, HIS WHITE SUPREMACIST SIDEKICK, AND FASCIST REGIME!

Please go to and read the reports!

Please read the following files!
Steve Bannon FBI Complaint
Evidence Tying Donald Trump To Russia
Donald Trump’s activities in Russia
Evidence Tying Donald Trump To Russia (update)


Hosted by: #NOTmyPresident5280
Co-Hosted by Queen Phoenix Hanna Khavafipour
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Community for Unity


March 25, 2017
11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Civic Center Park, Downtown Denver
Denver, CO 80204 United States


Darlene J Jones