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Fashion Wellness and Beauty at O2 Aspen Day Spa

[su_heading]Fashion Wellness and Beauty at O2 Aspen Day Spa [/su_heading]

New Owner, Brittany Van Domelen of  O2 Aspen Day Spa sat down with our contributing Fashion and Wellness writer, Charlie, at the chic Hotel Jerome to talk fashion, wellness and beauty.

[su_heading]O2 Aspen Day Spa Q&A[/su_heading]

How did it come to be that you are the new owner of O2 Aspen?

I was brought in as the assistant buyer to Holly Davis in 2010. Two years ago, owner Carrie Bellotti decided to sell and I jumped at the opportunity to take on this endeavor. I love O2 Aspen because it’s not just a business; it’s a lifestyle. I believe in everything the brand stands for – clean living, higher purpose and of course, the whole lifestyle fashion concept.

Why two stores in Aspen?

The downtown location on Cooper Ave, represents our ready to wear lines. Holly Davis is my partner on this location and she does an amazing job with the buying. The assortment there is more apres ski/slopes to lunch or dinner wear. I personally focus more on the Main Street location and I am trying to build it as a boutique fitness center and spa. Here you can come to do yoga and pilates, shop favorite athletic and fashion lines and relax in our fabulous spa. The two stores complement each other well as a total lifestyle concept.

Lets talk more about the O2 Aspen Main Street Concept store nestled in a beautiful victorian home. How would you describe the mood of the studio?

Clean serenity. I love clean aesthetic. The Main Street store is an all-encompassing concept involving all aspects of wellness. From yoga and pilates, we are expanding our fitness offerings into personal training, TRX and Aerial yoga. We offer nutritional counseling and will be bringing in a therapist to build onto the concept of mind and body wellness and of course, there is the spa.

Your spa is top of many women’s favorite lists in town. You choose your aestheticians and products carefully. 

Yes. I’ve scouted the best natural product lines and in doing so, we now use the IsClinical and Naturopatheric Spa Product Lines which we base all our spa offerings on.

What are your best active wear sellers? 

I love the Alo line, Spiritual Gangster and Ultracore. I am also very excited to be bringing in Stella McCartney’s new ski line next winter. Fit, high tech fabrics and performance are key for me. I also try to buy American made as much as possible. The industry is moving towards a cross-breed of athletic wear which performs well over many disciplines like yoga, pilates, cross country skiing etc. giving great value for your money and quality over quantity.

It’s hard to achieve consistency in sales in a resort town but you manage to do that very well. How does one achieve that?

A good blend of locals and visitors. We offer quality products at several price points where there is something for everyone and a great healthy atmosphere. Also, I have the best staff who believe in what they do and love coming to O2. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do, without them.

There’s quite a strong male following at O2 Aspen. Whats the secret to a great balance?

Instructors! Evan Soroka scouts and trains our incredibly knowledgeable teachers. Quality of instructors is everything. Both men and women like to come to the studio for a clean and purposeful practice and I think our studio offers a good mix of comfort and low key atmosphere with expertise. Both Evan and Tim McCall are highly qualified yoga and physical therapists so they bring not just exceptional yoga teacher training to the practice, but medical expertise as well.

I am sure you have a bigger vision for O2 Aspen. What is that? 

I look for the best of the best, so my vision is to bring the latest and greatest to Aspen. Being cutting edge and progressive on the holistic wellness concept is a core value to me. I live it and breathe it. I study all aspects of what O2 Aspen has to offer and test product lines to make sure the experience for the client from start to finish is exceptional. My vision is to create a total holistic experience and sell products that enhance our wellness mission and at the same time, perform exceptionally well. I want people to feel beautiful from the inside out from their practice to their work out wear. Clean serenity!

BOUTIQUE | STUDIO | SPA • 500 WEST MAIN STREET • ASPEN, CO 81611 • 970•925•4002

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