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Furniture Maker David Rasmussen

In my attempt to introduce you to the tremendous of wealth of talent in our Roaring Fork Valley I came across the incredibly talented furniture designer, David Rasmussen. David lost his studio to a fire recently and is having a benefit this Friday at SAW to help him to start over. Believe me, once you watch the interview and see his furniture, you will want to be there to support him!!

[su_heading]Furniture Maker David Rasmussen[/su_heading]

I received a press release alerting me to a prominent furniture designer based in Carbondale, Colorado who had lost his studio in a fire. Visiting his website I stayed there for quite a while looking at the photographs of his beautiful furniture and his breathtaking treehouse designs. I knew then that I had to help David Rasmussen raise money for his new studio. He must continue to create his whimsical designs.

Prominent Furniture Designer in Carbondale

[su_quote cite=”David Rasmussen Website”]Always “driven by artistic design and aesthetic value,” David’s avant-garde approach to developing his style included joining Vermont-based Forever Young Treehouses where he traveled as the lead carpenter on handicap-accessible projects so “anyone can climb a tree and take a walk in the woods” in Los Angeles, Chicago, Cincinnati and Pennsylvania. David returned to his roots in furniture after a few years of building treehouses, bringing with him the organic understanding that is required for building in the trees. [/su_quote]

Temporarily David has been working out of a workshop at Anderson Ranch where he once held residency. I drove up there to conduct an interview with him and you can watch the interview below.

Please support David by attending his benefit occurring this Friday evening, January 13th, from 6-9pm at SAW in Carbondale on 978 Euclid Ave. (SAW stands for Studio for Arts + Works).

David is currently taking commissions for his exceptional pieces and works directly with interior designers and architects to bring their ideas to life.

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