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Pilates and Cryotherapy in Aspen

Getting Fixed in Aspen

In an effort to find a whole body wellness program, I found Denise Searle, Owner of The Fix and The Art of Fitness, and have committed to working with her twice a week in both her Pilates Studio and her Body Therapy studio to “Repair, Restore and Revive” my body which is a bit of a mess at the moment from a few accidents and from sitting for hours on end editing content.

Living With Pain

It’s time. Time to give some love back to my body. Time to stop ignoring the pain. Time to get a tune up and reset my foundation so that I can continue to play the way I like to play. I’m not old, I’m just broken.

Until recently, I have been doing well to ward of the pain by strengthening my core and mashing my tissues with a roller but I’ve  been pushing it a bit too hard lately in all aspects of my life – both in my work and in my workouts and have been getting hurt.

I know I’m not alone in my bad habits. Many active people live for the endorphins they receive from cardiovascular work but if there is any inflammation, and more than likely there is,  body work needs to be done so that our playing and workouts are effectively strengthening our bodies instead of hurting them.

My first warning to slow down happened in the yoga studio muscling myself into a place I had not been before, without guidance. I was thinking so hard on how I wanted to master a  handstand, and not on how to be light and strong in my core, that I crumbled, hit my head and sliced it open and had to run to Aspen Medical Care to get 7 pieces of metal stapled in my head. I know, right? How? But that wasn’t what stopped me because as long as I stayed away from hikes where lightening could strike my staples, I could still play. It was when I crashed onto my tail bone when  plunging down Iowa Shaft on my mountain bike that lead me to find The Fix, fitness and wellness body therapy designed to give you everything you need to improve your physicality, and thus your quality of living life.

In our first session in The Art of Fitness Pilates studio Denise put me on the reformer and I revisited the movements that I practiced over five years ago back when I had committed to strengthening my core. All these years I carried my body thinking that I had retained what I had learned, but it appears as though I had lost most of it. “I watched you walking over here,” Denise said to me, “You hang heavily within yourself. Stay light. Lift from your pelvic floor muscles, your kegel. Get your body together as a team and we’ll go from there.”

Thus far I have experienced three sessions and one week of homework, and already the pain has decreased. From Pilates, to Gyrotonics to Gyrokinesis, Denise has been measuring my moves and accessing my structure, my issues and my bad habits. She has shown me the importance of rolling out my feet and my body, giving me homework on the roller to mash and soften my tissues so my body is better prepared for the work we are doing in her studio.

Although the knowledge that goes into training someone to retrain their muscles is quite complex, Denise is able to simplify it all and break it down into a language I can understand and I have made a commitment to re-patterning my behavior and eliminating repetitive habits.

I solemnly swear to you, Denise and all of her practitioners, that I will replace my soft addiction to studying my analytics with homework and as we deliver to you this weekly series, it is our hope that you work with us on the homework we assign and break your bad habits. Let us know if you have any pain by commenting here, or on our Facebook page, and we will try to answer any questions you may have.

Homework of the week:

  • Don’t cross your legs which stops circulation
  • Become aware of your bad habits
  • Get Aligned
  • Get on the roller
  • Get a ball to roll your feet on

[su_box title=”The Fix Services”]

Cryotherapy: Manage pain and inflammation, increase energy and decrease stress related conditions.

INFRARED THERAPIES: Release toxins and chemicals, relax, relieve pain, increase circulation and purify skin.

ACUPUNCTURE: Correct energy imbalances in the body with this ancient Chinese medicine.

PERSONAL TRAINING: Pick Your Fix: Personal Training, TRX, BAR, Yoga, Stretch, Meditation.

COMPRESSION THERAPY: Increase blood flow, reduce swelling and relieve muscle and joint pain from injury.

MASSAGE: Relieve tension, relax, rejuvenate with several different types of massage therapy.

FELDENKRAIS: Repair impaired connections between the brain and body and so improve body movement and psychological state.

PILATES: Improve core strength, stability, posture, balance and flexibility.

OXYGEN THERAPY: With or without essential oils, oxygen treatment refreshes and revives.[/su_box]

To reach Denise to make an appointment click here, or call 970-544-6800. Tell her AspenRealLife sent ya.


Getting Fixed in Aspen
Denise Searle, my fixer


** Disclaimer, I have been receiving in-kind services but all thoughts are my own and I tell it like it is.


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Aspen Real Life
The beauty abounds no matter the weather.#aspenthanksgiving#coloradothanksgiving #sothankful#familytime ...
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