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How To Make A Vision Board Really Work

Author Bio: My name is Stephanie Pierucci and I'm a manifestation and self-healing coach. Have you ever had the sense that you're doomed to repeat the same programs over and over; reliving past heartache or mistakes? Do you feel like something keeps you up at night or fills you with anxiety that won't seem to go away? Most of these dreadful feelings are simply programs that your brain developed to protect and preserve you from a threat. The good news is that it's remarkably simple to rewire those programs. You are capable of deep peace, confidence, and freedom. I will love to guide you through my manifestation techniques to bring lasting peace and prosperity to your life. My support team is available at 1-855-720-1111 or you can reach me personally at

Have you ever made a vision board? 

I recall the first time somebody advised me to paste images from magazines of things I desired onto a piece of cardboard and stare at it to “manifest” that reality.  I thought she’d lost her marbles, but I was intrigued by this otherwise superstitious-sounding ritual.

In later years, I devoted my life to the study of rewiring the brain through neuroplasticity, meditation, intention, and movement in a comprehensive mind-rewiring guide I call Manifesting Secrets.  Visualization games, boards, movies, and “playing” with the brain’s reticular activating system, or RAS, became part of my manifestation habits… and to great avail.

Reticular Activating Systems

But first, what is the RAS?  Your RAS is a mechanism in the brain that seeks to “prove” what you perceive; whether it’s on a screen, in our imaginations, or on a vision board.  The cultivation of the RAS is popular with the Law of Attraction philosophy that states, “we attract what we see”.  When you focus your thoughts on something, whether that’s negative or favorable, that thing is what your brain looks for. 

You may have seen this happen with the Baader Meinhof phenomenon; when you think about a red Honda you will suddenly see them everywhere!  In other Law of Attraction terms: what you focus on expands!

I gave it a shot. 

I created this vision board and now, just two years later, my life is exploding with manifestations from that first board.  I’m being published in 7 major publications this fall and winter alongside heroes of mine such as; Dr. Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra.  On the board are images of me alongside such great teachers; my head superimposed on rosters or brochures alongside them.

I turned a budding relationship with yoga into a full-on teacher training with renowned yogi Bel Carpenter; we are now teaching Brain Flow: Yoga for Manifestation in our second teacher training and mastermind this fall.  On my vision board are images of people meditating in yoga studios… and now I’m honored to teach meditation, breathwork, and gentle movements to rewire the brain; just as I visualized.

But I’ve learned that visualization actually has a bit of a bad wrap…

People create boards that never manifest (in their time) and they become defeated; even ashamed.

So how can we make our vision boards come to life with peace, ease and fun? 

What’s the real manifesting “secret” to creating our realities?

There are a handful of critical lifestyle habits that one must develop to change their automatic or subconscious programs and begin to create “new” realities.

The Art of Practicing Patience

Among the most important is patience. 

I often remind my clients that sometimes we have manifested things but they haven’t yet materialized… don’t give up!

What we visualize firmly exists in some quantum reality with our future selves.

Using Quantum Physics to Create Abundance

Quantum physics is a science that illustrates how our beliefs and thoughts create matter.  We enjoy more abundant, meaningful lives when we co-create with limitless reservoirs of love and abundance around us instead of resisting or even repelling good things in our lives.

How many times have you “tried” to lose ten pounds or “tried” to quit smoking or drinking…

The Art of Manifestation

Manifestation comes from a more elegant place; instead of “trying” to do something we don’t want to do, we embrace an inner power that makes our bad behaviors, habits, programs, and limitations disappear with more ease as we rewire neurological patterns into permanent freedom from previous vulnerabilities.

“Trying” isn’t as important as “being”.   When we begin any manifestation with the gratitude and knowledge that it already exists, we get much closer to its materialization!

Simply put, when we vibrate or radiate love, joy, peace, patience, confidence, or other high vibrations, we attract more of those good things into our lives. 

You achieve what you visualize by “becoming” what you visualize. 

Rewiring Brain Patterns & Breaking Habits

I love my work helping men and women rewire brain patterns to get unstuck from negativity and bring true freedom to their lives.

Best yet, I can guarantee that if you follow a specific roadmap for manifestation, you can break any habits, behaviors, belief systems, patterns, or programs that are hindering you from living a life of deep peace and satisfaction.

As a longtime friend of Jillian and follower of Aspen Real Life, I’d love to offer a 15-minute manifestation roadmap for you or somebody you love.

Schedule a complimentary, life-transforming session with me here: and together we’ll identify the best way to bring you the very best your mind can create. 

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  1. This is so awesome !!!!!! I resonate greatly with all you are saying! When / where are you teaching this yoga class ?



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