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How to Make Money While Retaining Freedom

How to Make Money While Retaining Freedom

[su_heading]How to Make Money While Retaining Freedom[/su_heading]

An interview with local Aspenite, Dr. Ryan Moriarty, PhD, CEO and Founder of LOLSpots, an audience development network and quality traffic source for pop culture, humor, and entertainment sites, brought insight to my burning question of how to make money while retaining freedom.

And now, with AspenRealLife blowing up “for reals” because I am sticking to my dream of working on my passion, connecting my audience to the businesses I love, but remaining free enough to still be a present mom, my interview with Dr. Moriarty confirmed my belief that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now, and gave me a burst of confidence to keep on keeping on.

Ryan (as I was introduced to him) and I met one evening while I was out at my favorite new Aspen Speakeasy, Hooch, celebrating my sister’s birthday. Turns out Ryan grew up in a neighboring town from us back in Massachusetts, which naturally led to immediate bonding.

How to Make Money While Retaining Freedom
Leaving my fun new friends at Hooch

Dressed in a tres-cool Gucci black dress shirt with blue embroidered flowers running through it, I enjoyed his friendly nature and happy constitution and had he not been so casual about his company, LOLSpots, and had I not been in full-fledged party mode, I would have whipped out my camera for an “on-the-fly” interview.

It wasn’t until a few days later when my sister reminded me that we met some fun Millennial-type from near our hometown that I remembered to look up his company – and then his LinkedIn profile – and what I found ignited my curiosity.

An Interview with Aspen Local LOLSpots Entrepreneur

At the young age of 35 Dr. Moriarty is a self-made start-up entrepreneur. Creator and Founder of LOLSpots, he and his 6 employees, specialize in driving exposure and attracting long-term users by leveraging their network of 25 million Facebook fans capable of driving over 1.5 million clicks per day. In other words, LOLSpots is a site where Facebook pages with over 100,000 followers, like, can leverage engaged fans by providing targeted content, driving traffic to their business and ultimately growing their social influencers and monetizing their audience. It kinda goes without saying that I am in complete awe of this young man who used his intellect and Computer Science education; from Amherst College, to Columbia University to getting his PHD at UCLA, all to achieve his goal to work to retain his freedom.

When I traced Dr. Moriarty down and asked him for an interview he graciously accepted and so I met him in his current house  in the West End of Aspen, walking into a scene that has yet to be captured in a film; young, clean-cut entrepreneurs seriously focused on their laptops as they worked sitting on coaches or at a large communal working table in the living room of this large house with huge windows looking out towards gorgeously manicured West End gardens and views of Aspen Mountain. The new free-range office environment.

How to Make Money While Retaining Freedom

Dr. Moriarty couldn’t have been more charming and excited to talk about his background and what led him to his company. [su_quote cite=”Dr. Ryan Moriarty, PHD”]”The whole struggle of a company is to figure out how to get companies to pay you for what they want and how to deliver something that people actually want for themselves.”[/su_quote]

Dr. Moriarty’s goal was always to work so that he could retain his freedom, and that is where he is today, and soon where I hope to be…keep your eyes on LOLSpots….and….AspenRealLife.Com.




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