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Iron Mountain Hot Springs

One would think that mountain boys would be all about hiking to and plunging into mountain lakes, or heading out into the wilderness to test their survival skills, but not our mountain boys. Our mountain boys are far more interested in activities that take little to no effort to enjoy, which made it easy to convince them to come with me to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs the week before the fires. This may be one of the last summers where I have a kid who will do things with me, and so I have had to choose carefully on the activities. The thought did occur to me that it might be a crazy plan to head to Glenwood Springs to check out hot spring pools in 90 degree heat, but I have been wanting to experience the hot springs since they opened in 2015, and so off we went.

Arriving hungry, the boys beelined it to the Sopris Cafè and ordered a flat bread BBQ chicken pizza. I ordered a substantially loaded Greek Salad, calling Baddy as my eyes scanned the bar that included local seasonal beer options for him at $5.50 and a Freixenet Cava for me. The prices couldn’t be beat. Not much for spontaneously indulging his crazy wife’s “blogging plans”, he refused my offer and so I made one of many mental notes to make a planned date of it on perhaps a more enticing cooler evening.

My love for swimming pools runs quite shallow, but slipping into the family pool, the coolest temped pool there at 94 degrees, the vibe was chill and so relaxing with classic music ranging from Elton John to Led Zeppelin playing while happy babies floating in the arms of their parents quietly cooed.

[su_box title=””]the largest of our pools. The lower portion is filled with 100,000 gallons of fresh water that’s heated to a comfortable 94 degrees Fahrenheit by the geothermal exchange. A curving, gently sloped ramp into the family pool makes it accessible by wheelchair and by anyone who prefers to avoid stairs. A smaller, elevated whirlpool spa with jets sits on the edge of the family pool with a perfect soaking temperature of just over 100°F. Parents can enjoy the hotter water while supervising their children below, with the calming sounds of a waterfall in the background as water cascades from the upper to the lower section.[/su_box]

After lunch, the boys and I played silly games as we hopped from one pool to the next, traveling from coolest to hottest and back again before I left them to lounge in a chair overlooking the river, a luxury I have not yet experienced this summer. For somebody who is always cold, the breeze coming off the river was just enough to cool me down and allow for my anxieties from the week to dissolve. As my body absorbed the minerals, calming my sciatic nerve pain that I have been enduring from sitting too much to write, I drifted off to sleep.

When we were ready to go we explored the store with soaps made from the hot springs minerals and we split up to rinse off in the clean showers. In the end, I was so glad that we went down to the Iron Mountain Hot Springs. It was surprisingly relaxing, manageable, clean and uncommercialized, and I’ll be sure to make it back again with a pack of friends and all of our kids on the next cloudy day!

[su_box title=”Iron Mountain Hot Spring Minerals”]There are more than 14 different minerals found in the analysis of our water. The five most abundant minerals in the soaking pools are iron, sulfate, chloride, sodium and calcium. Iron and sulfate are known for their relaxing qualities.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Resident wellness expert and Iron Mountain Hot Springs owner Mogli Cooper “]“It’s rare to find springs that don’t use chlorine to some degree, but as you would expect, in addition to absorbing the health-supporting minerals, the body also absorbs the chemicals which may not be something you want.” The water at Iron Mountain Hot Springs is 100 percent pure. From the source springs, the water passes through a sand filtration system before it enters the pools. Each of the 16 pools is filled and discharged independently, with the water completely changing over every two hours.[/su_box]

[su_note]What’s better than adventure at the top of the mountain and a soothing hot springs soak along the Colorado River in Glenwood Springs?  The Iron Mountain Hot Springs and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park have teamed up to offer you the Ride & Relax Combo Package at a great price so you can do both within a 7-day period. Click HERE for more info [/su_note]

[su_box title=”Soaking Pools”]In time, there will be sixteen naturally shaped mineral hot springs pools, each of heated to a different temperature ranging from 99 to 108. Relax in the one that’s just right for you or move from one to another for a progressive soaking experience. The pools are connected with heated walkways to keep your toes toasty in the winter. A quiet zone surrounds the soaking pools to ensure a peaceful, rejuvenating atmosphere. The soaking pools are filled with our natural thermal waters that complete a total changeover every two hours. There are more than 14 different minerals found in the analysis of our water. The five most abundant minerals in the soaking pools are iron, sulfate, chloride, sodium and calcium. Iron and sulfate are known for their relaxing qualities. Magnificent views, which vary from pool to pool, include the Colorado River as it winds through the valley, Iron Mountain, Red Mountain, the Flat Tops and the twin peaks of majestic Mt. Sopris to the south, make your visit to the Glenwood hot springs even more enjoyable. Sorry, children under 5 are not allowed in the 16 small mineral pools and children 5 to 13 require parent/guardian supervision.[/su_box]




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