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It’s Never Too Late To Save A Pet

[su_heading]It’s Never Too Late To Save A Pet[/su_heading]

Hootie-Hoo and his friends are working on creating their own website as a school project for the Aspen Community School. The title is, “It’s Never Too Late To Save A Pet.” For their research we visited Seth Sachson at the Aspen Animal Shelter.

If you have been reading AspenRealLife for some time you will remember how much Hootie-Hoo loved our beautiful and sensitive Muki, a Spanish Water Dog who was only adorable when her world was perfect, which was only when she had me all to herself and there was nobody else around who could possibly hurt me (she didn’t know how tough I am).

The day before I got Muki the breeder told us that she was the sensitive one in the litter and cacophonous alarms went off in my head, but I was heading to Denver in the morning to pick her up from the airport and the kids were going to sleep with their doggy pajamas on in preparation for the new member of the pack. The boulder was already rolling downhill at a speedy pace, gaining momentum at every turn, there was no stopping it.

To this day I am grateful to Seth Sachson for listening without judgement to my despair through the years that we were living with a dog who cowered in Baddy’s presence and who was beginning to foam at the mouth at every low-voiced pubescent boy whose voices were only getting lower with every inch in height that they gained. Our beautiful green-eyed princess did not fit into our family.

Thankfully, Seth was able to find a wonderful quiet couple where Muki would be their only child, and although I miss my mountain biking and hiking companion, I don’t miss the anxiety and stress that she brought on when she was with me. Animals are said to resemble their owner’s personalities, Muki and I couldn’t have been more different (I am one of the friendliest people I know and Muki was afraid of everyone). Hootie-Hoo has also missed Muki dreadfully and has been vying for a new pup since her absence. I still think that kids should have animals in their lives and I’m not opposed to the idea to adopt the right one, but the rest of the family has no interest and we are still in a state of unrest with our housing, and so I’m not pushing it.

Dogs have become an obsession for Hootie-Hoo and his ears perk at any and every woof he hears. Every day after school he religiously puts a “Dog-Walking” flyer on the doorsteps of homes in the neighborhood. And every chance he gets to study dogs he does, thus culminating in his website and a visit to Seth to talk about the Aspen Animal Shelter. Below is a quick edit of the interview showing Seth with his sled dogs as he educates the boys about the business behind the shelter and his 23 years of work with the dogs.Dog Walker Flyer Aspen REal Life

It was wonderful to get the inside scoop into Seth’s world of dogs and of his business model, Sachson, Inc. that has worked so well for 23 years. A few points that you will see in the interview:

[su_heading]Aspen Animal Shelter Business Model [/su_heading]

  • Seth has six of his own sled dogs
  • He never adopts a dog without the owners and the dogs meeting first
  • DOGSASPEN is focused on creating awareness and enthusiasm for the Aspen Animal Shelter, a privatized, for-profit, self-sustaining, no-kill shelter which is primarily supported by income created via The Aspen Boarding Kennel.
  • The shelter provides sanctuary for the homeless dogs and cats of Aspen, Pitkin County and beyond. They do house the occasional bird, goat, pot-bellied pig or rabbit as well.
  • Each homeless pet is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped prior to adoption.
  • Volunteers are always welcomed, and encouraged, to walk the dogs, brush the cats, or even wash the dirty bowls.
  • Please call the shelter at 970-544-0206 with questions or comments, or email us at

* Stay tuned for a story on going on an adventure with Seth and his sled dogs

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