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“Keep Going” or “Let Go”?

True success isn’t about proving something to someone else, depending on status or approval; success means aligning with the path your unique frequency is coded for. Your frequency, or core energetic state, is your key code.

I’m sure you’ve heard you should “Keep Going” or “Let Go” more than once in your lifetime. And while on the surface these platitudes seem perfectly innocent (and may temporarily lift your mood), neither statement goes deep enough to have a meaningful effect.

True success isn’t about proving something to someone else, depending on status or approval; success means aligning with the path your unique frequency is coded for. Your frequency, or core energetic state, is your key code. And the more you learn to master your frequency (by clearing and training your energetic capacity, similar to training in a gym), the more naturally and closely you’ll align to your true self and all that’s in store for you.

How do you center your energy?

Centering your energy means that you’re able to be neutral and unswayed by the drama swirling around you. You can train your energy field and become more neutral by clearing away the underlying patterns and beliefs you’ve accumulated at the energetic level. Because your energy field is a current which underlies (and impacts) your thoughts and emotions, you need to work at the source level to create lasting change. Neither emotional processing nor changing the way you “think” will be enough without addressing the core energy which weaves through them all.

When should I keep going?

The way it’s typically used, “Keep Going” implies never giving up. Yet we call someone insane when they do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. We’ve been told that quitting means lack of endurance or strength, yet quitting — and redirecting — is exactly what you should do if you’re pursuing a dream that isn’t actually meant for you. If you’re doing the real work, you’re continually evolving, and new possibilities will continually emerge as you progress. These possibilities often look very different from what you were conditioned to expect.

So, how do you now if a specific dream is really meant for you? By aligning with YOUR perfect timeline. YOUR unique mission. You will never get there by forcing things to happen. Sure, you may think you’ve “manifested” something, but the more you’re forcing things, the less likely anything you create will last. It’s like swimming upstream — at some point, you’ll lose all of your “progress” because you’re fighting against your own current. We’re meant to capitalize on our unique gifts and the paths that we’re uniquely coded for.

When should I let go?

You’ll often hear “Let Go” meaning to give up. It also tends to imply that there’s someone or something “out there” ready to take the reins. Both of these ideas are disempowering. Only you are responsible for your own motives and your own energy. There’s no need to wait around hoping that someone or something else comes to your rescue; that usually means you’re simply afraid to take responsibility for your own life experience.

When training towards energy mastery, you’ll learn to let go of your triggers — not your power. Letting go of triggers happens when you’ve built your energetic strength to the degree that you’re no longer affected by them. When you’re able to bring yourself to a neutral stance, you’ll be confident. You’ll no longer be chasing approval. You’ll no longer need to prove yourself. You’ll know, without a doubt, that you are powerful.

How do I work on my energy?

So, how can you train your energy field? How can you uncover and become more closely aligned with YOUR unique path?  By working with and reconnecting 100% fully to your core essence.

As you clear your energy field, you realize more and more of your inherent power. When your field is no longer cluttered by accumulated patterns and triggers, there’s more space for your core essence — the True You — to fill. And the more space your true essence fills, the more powerful you’re able to be.

If you’d like to precisely laser in on your biggest patterns and clear them at the energetic, foundational level so that you can increase your own confidence and power to create change that lasts, Magic with Mellie now encompasses the Frequency Gym, and you can engage at whatever level you’re ready for. Choose your best option here, or visit Mellie’s Frequency Gym blog.

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