Aspen City of Wellbeing Lead with Love Retreat in Aspen
Lead with Love in Aspen

Lead with Love in Aspen

Lead with Love in Aspen

I just attended portions of the Aspen City of Wellbeing’s Lead with Love yoga retreat. As a blogger I’m not able to stay at one event for too long before I have to race off to the next one, but one thing is for sure, I got the lead with love message and my heart (which already felt full) has grown that much bigger.

Emerging from a Rod Stryker session at the retreat, “Lighting the Luminous Heart: From Yoga to Your Soul’s Fire”, in a dreamy state of mind I went to the post office and received  a long-awaited package. A package representing a year long practice devoted to staying true to my passion and putting my nose to the ground to follow the steps I laid out to get to where I was at that very moment. Opening the package I felt a light shine in on my new business cards and car magnets with our adorable new bear logo decked in Pit Vipers. My heart was way too open to not share the excitement and next thing I knew I was standing next to a Millennial opening his mail next to me and handing him a business card, “May you be the first to receive our new cards for AspenRealLife,” I announced beaming. Not wanting to give his full attention to this cray-cray lady with a big smile on her face, he looked up slightly with a “You talking to me?” WTF attitude and without saying a word went back to reading his mail. And my mind went off – “Sillyjilly, you just broke two of your open-hearted rules: don’t lead with ego and DON’T invade people’s space. Back it up Jilly3. Back it up.

It’s not always easy, that leading with love thing. Sometimes you may think you are leading with love but you have an alternative motive. Sometimes you subconsciously keep certain people you have never met at a safe distance without realizing why. Sometimes you can do it all wrong and get an adverse reaction. Sometimes one is truly not in the mood to lead with love with those that have conflicting energies. It’s all practice, consistency and progression, I guess.

Walking into the retreat I was in a slightly aggressive state of mind. I’ve been working so hard bringing in the locals at a grass roots level to get it off the ground and have been for the most part very well received. But I’ve also been encountering rejections from certain local businesses, and it’s been frustrating and demotivating:

Types of Rejection

  • Rejection: We’re doing what you’re doing, only we have the money and the support to do it better. Pay up or go away.
  • Judgement: Why would we join together with you when we are doing quite fine on our own?
  • Fear: If we help to drive traffic to AspenRealLife than we are diverting the traffic to our own site.

Throughout the retreat I was inspired by these professionals who have reached success by leading with love; Rod Stryker, Dr. H. Ronald Hulnick & Dr. Mary R. Hulnick, Stephen McGhee, Goldie HawnJiyo, Seane Corn, Suzanne Sterling, Jayne Gottlieb, and CTZNWell, and a message kept surfacing to my mind. Keep moving. Keep giving of yourself, and stop obsessing on the success, the outcome, over the journey.

For some, the idea of leading with love and working together can feel uncomfortable. But there are plenty of others who understand that working together is rewarding and feels good. People who understand the true meaning of support and of being the wind beneath each other’s sails to reach more people. People and businesses like; Susie Jimenez, Golden Key Concierge Guide, Corvidae Collective, Messenger Aspen, Aspen Words, KSPN & KFNO, Alpine Custom ElectronicsNomad Travel, Aspen Strong, The Fix, The MacSpa, and many others.

Before this retreat I was getting beaten down from trying too hard and my brain had taken over the leading, over my heart. Thank you Gina Guarascio Murdock for sharing your birthday with all of us and for bringing such amazing spiritual people to our valley. I will support your Aspen City of Wellbeing whenever and wherever I can – and thank you all who attended the retreat for helping to reset my buttons….I promise to lead with love first from here on in (without scaring others).





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