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Pimping Out Your Husband

If your husband was hot, would you pimp him out?
Cast Card photo I took, before we were married

[su_heading size=”18″]When Baddy becomes a semi-finalist for a “Hot Husband” contest [/su_heading]

I came home last Friday and listened to a message from a women calling from a New York City Magazine and my heart began to flutter. Was this the call that I had been waiting for? The call that was going to put my book on the map?

I researched my files to see what proposals I had sent to this magazine and I found something that I had sent last April. My alarms went off as I wondered why they were calling me now, almost a year later.

In my numerous hours spent searching for freelance opportunities and social networking, I enter contests along the way, all for the greater good of my website, and potential publicity for that book I have yet to write.

I find out on Monday that Baddy was a semi-finalist for a “Hot Husband” contest that I had apparently entered him in. They wanted to interview me on our relationship and to find out how steamy he truly was.

Five minutes prior to the interview, I was in my office prepping my webcam to film the interview, for some crazy reason, when Baddy opened my door. “What are you doing home?” I asked, startled. He had come home sick. When I explained that he had become a semi-finalist, he shook his head at his insane wife and said he was going to bed.

Later we came to the decision that since there was no money unless they mentioned the blog it was not worth his time or effort. I relayed this message to the Assistant Editor who promptly removed him from the competition. Where was the compassion for the wife of a hot husband?

And so Baddy will not be sporting the cover of a women’s magazine naked, all but the overalls, and I guess I am all the better for not advertising how hot my husband is to the masses.

For a little bit of fun, here is the interview:

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13 thoughts on “Pimping Out Your Husband”

  1. This is so fun. He is a hottie! Thanks for sharing!
    I remember when I got married I showed the picture of my husband to my boss. She said, “Well he’s so handsome!” Of course I think he is too, but I was a little offended at the way she said it. It sounded more like “Wow, he’s way cuter than anyone I expected you to get” by the tone of her voice. Rather than acting offended I just said thank you. She was kind of a mean lady and I wasn’t going to cross her.
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..The Pepper Experiment =-.

    • Hello Jessica,

      It is true that I have many reactions to the praises that Wade gets but a friend of mine once said that if he were her husband she would be flattered by the remarks and proud that he was her man and nobody else’s and I live with that philosophy as much as I can.

      Some women are mean and narcissistic and those are the ones I try to stay away from. Luckily, I never had a boss like that.

  2. Jillian,
    I LOVED seeing the picture of you!!!!! You are so beautiful.
    Wade looks HOT! Yes he is a hot husband. Most of all, he is the best husband. He is such a good, loving man. The fact he wouldn’t be on the cover of a magazine (because he would have won the contest) unless they mentioned you, shows such loyalty and love. He is so selfless (I would have been like…hey…I would want to be on the cover of a mans magazine!!!!! (not really, unless it benefitted my other half!)
    Your article shows the unwillingness of people helping people and that magazine should be ashamed of themselves. When will people learn it is not about money (although it helps!!) but about being there for others. Helping others. You have to wonder about there integrity. There loss…they would sold have out of the magazine if Wade was on the cover and been the most popular magaizne ever. What comes around, goes around. Bad karma for them!
    Tasha is now a new mother to a bunny! He is adorable! Hops around the house! Very loving.
    I think I live in a zoo!
    Remember one thing…you are a hot wife!!!!!
    Love you

    • Hi Mouse,

      You are soooo right about people helping people, what harm would it have done them to give us a little publicity?

      We both live in zoos and I am a very hot wife, at least when the hot flashes come!!!

      Thank you for always making me feel so beautiful and smart and etc…etc…

  3. I lurked this post once but didn’t have time to leave a comment. I had to come back- I am so happy to see you live and in action! You are truly a charming and beautiful person, just as I expected from your supportive and thoughtful comments.

    I love the relationship you share with your husband and wish you two many more years of happiness (and hotness!)

    • Hello Vivianne,

      Thank you for your words of positivity. I too look forward to reading your comments!

      You are so right about people needing to be more in touch with who they are and how they affect others.


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