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Homestead Circus Productions

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Dominic Del Signore & Rikki Morehouse



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In 2018, Homestead Circus Productions’ headquarters took root in Paonia, CO to begin cultivating dreams and experiences. Founders Rikki Morehouse & Dominic Del Signore came together in this beautiful valley of artisans because of serendipity and a passion for the surrounding treasures that be. We couldn’t be happier to call Aspen Business Connect and all of its members our family. Exploring creative ways to participate and help as many of our family members as possible is our purpose and journey with no end in sight.” – Dominic Del Signore

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What brought us to this valley:

While we do have our favorite restaurants, galleries, and barista bungalows, our favorite places to be are among the trees. We gain inspiration and find solace when venturing into the ancient forests of the West Elk Mountains, the Grand Mesa, and the Maroon Bells. It is there that time seems to stand still. It is there that our souls remember where they come from. Being able to breathe the mountain air and dip our toes in high alpine streams without committing days and hours to travel, keeps us charged and ecstatic to continue on this path bringing undiluted passion to our surrounding communities.

3 Favorite Spots:

Azura Cellars

Big B's Delicious Orchards

Root & Vine