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Gabriella Aratow


Phone: 310-729-0992

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Gabriella Aratow was the highest-rated matchmaker at America’s fastest-growing matchmaking firm before founding KIS.  A two-time Ivy League graduate and featured speaker at The Matchmaking Institute, Gabriella has helped countless people find their keeper.  She continues to work with her own VIP client roster as well as teach a team of dedicated love-connectors who work under her mentorship.

From Gabriella: I have a company called Keeper Introduction Services, but you can call us KIS.  Clients hire me to meet people who might be a good romantic match for them.  I work nationally – LA, SF, Denver, Chicago, NYC, etc, as well as locally.  My clients need to be single and be serious about connecting for a fulfilling partnership.  I learn about who they are and what’s going to work for them in love, and I seek out people for them to meet.  I’ve always been a natural connector and always loved thinking about who might like to take out whom… but I worked in finance, entertainment, and politics before I realized this could be my full-time profession.  I’ve gotten many people happily married which is very rewarding.  Love is what life is about and I make love all day long.

What brought us to this valley:

Dating can really open your life.  I first came to the RFV because of a date.  About 5 years ago, I had met a man when I was over in Telluride who lived in Woody Creek.  For our third date, he invited me to come to see this valley.  He no longer lives here and has moved to Boulder.  But, now I do — about 10 minutes from Gerbaz where his old house is.  Clearly, we didn’t end up as a couple (we’re friends), but he took me to the Whole Foods, and the place to get fresh tortillas in Carbondale, and the Woody Creek Tavern, and the Basalt farmer’s market, and Meat and Cheese, and Hooch, and the Rio Grande Trail, and hiking in Snowmass, and and and and…  He did a great job of showing me wonderful places and I was astounded at the variety of topography, activities, and of course cuisine available here.  When it was time last year for me to finally purchase a home of my own and I wanted to buy in the best place on the planet to be, I just kept thinking, “It’s where that guy used to live… Nowhere I’ve been is better.”  So, a date can lead to love, to friendship, to entrepreneurial opportunity, or even right to a home, as this date did for me.

3 Favorite Spots:

Free Range — Look for the barstool with my name on it

Avalanche Hot Springs

Hiking above Ruedi Reservoir