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Eric Amyot


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Eric Amyot is an inventor, technologist, futurist, business leader, and spiritual thinker. His incessant curiosity and drive to acquire technological and spiritual knowledge and build solutions for a regenerative future has resulted in successful careers and startups in environmental biology, corporate retail management consulting, business startup consulting, and agricultural technologies development. An expert in various environmental technologies, particularly agricultural and climate control technologies, Eric designed and built the world’s most efficient vertical farming solution, which produced 5x more produce and more complex foods than the next best alternative on the market. Today he spends his time building regenerative, off-grid homes and exploring thoughts and solutions for a more equitable future for people and our planet. In his spare time, Eric climbs trees and mountains, practices mindful movement and meditation, and creates art inspired by all of his interests.

What brought us to this valley:

I left Canada in November 2020 for a 1-year solo trip across the Americas in my Land Rover with my two dogs. I kept ‘getting stuck’ along the way and decided to take heed to the signs I was getting. I’ve since fallen in love, gotten married, moved to my dream location in the mountains, and am launching a new prop-tech startup. My previous background is in tech startups, specifically controlled environment agriculture and modular construction at a global scale. My new venture, Thrijv, is the perfect marriage of creating healthy environments for plants, people, and the planet!

3 Favorite Spots:

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