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Michelle Bryan Hypnosis Testimonial – The Perfectionism Python

The Perfectionism Python

Katherine See-Calacday came to me looking for answers as to why she struggled with procrastination and just couldn’t seem to finish anything she started. Many of us share these same struggles. What emerged from her hypnosis session is that she had early childhood experiences; demanding people in her life and teachers that compared her negatively to other students while simultaneously complimenting her early artistic talents. Through the hypnosis she discovered that early, subconscious memories had a lasting impact on her and strangled her ability to finish what she started… She called it the “Perfectionism Python”. What an amazing visual image, the self-inflicted Python strangling the life out of her ability to thrive!

Removing Our Own Obstacles Through Hypnosis

Katherine was able to identify the source of her procrastination and under hypnosis we re-interpreted the meaning of her early experiences through the “lens” of an adult who has power and control over events and circumstances.

Under hypnosis we “upgrade” your internal programming to the age and stage you are at in your life NOW so that your early interpretation of events doesn’t have the same, debilitating power over you. Hypnosis is powerful and, most of the time, we operate completely unaware of why we do what we do. I have so much love and respect for Katherine and her courage to take on the journey to self-love and healing.


Michelle Bryan Hypnosis Testimonial - The Perfectionism PythonMichelle Bryan Hypnosis Testimonial - The Perfectionism Python

Here’s what Katherine wrote to me following her session:

“Thank you. I can breathe better! After I took a nap, my muscles are not that tight anymore. And the best part of all, two men-children served me like a queen yesterday afternoon until last night (They helped prepare dinner.)

The day before, I felt like Cinderella unsupported. But last night was a dream. I learned a lot from our session. The art of gentle self-talk and questioning self-beliefs in a gentle light-hearted way. And lots of “beautiful” along the way… Thank you for the session. the mind can be tricky, I want help, yet not wanting to change old ways of safety.


I will make an Instagram to document my RTT journey and post these drawings.”

* Katherine See-Calacday approved this post and the use of her drawings.

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