"Mom's Closed: Got Seven Inches": Mom's Gone Skiing, and Shopping, on a Powder Day
Mom's Closed: Got Seven Inches

Mom’s Closed: Got Seven Inches

Dropped my car off last night to my boys down at High Tone, Big John and Tim. “Hyündaiiii’s” air conditioning is not working once again and I’m heading out from Denver for a Pacific Coast college tour next week with the boys. Definitely want air flowing through for the drive. Of course, that night the heavens opened to big fluffy flakes (you can all thank me for that).

The next morning I made the call for help, in a text, “7 new inches, carless, pick me up!!!” Got a taker, Pam of PamèDesigns.com, and we made got first gondy, with not a soul in line. It’s a beautiful thing to have so many ski resorts between us and Denver that we rarely experience lines, or traffic, other than when they are self-produced from events like closing day parties and construction on the highway.

In the 18 minute Gondola ride we caught up on each other’s lives, with our both having teens who accuse us of asking too many questions and being too chatty, we relish our girl-time together.

Cruising over Bell Mountain we spotted an enormous black Raven nestled on it’s tummy in its frosty palace of a nest, it’s head up soaking in the early morning mountain light. Our spiritual animal for the day, and a sign of a beautiful day, with good friends and beautiful ski lines of light untracked powder. I was perfect on the backside of Bell, less so on the Face and Ridge, with windblown ice waves beneath the surface.

Throughout the day we talked about our idiosyncrasies, our long-time habits no longer serving us in our grown-up world, and how we could improve upon ourselves. It’s good when you have friends who can deliver bitter truths in humorous ways.

Stopping for a shot (of coffee) and water at the Lavazza coffee station in the Sundeck, I met Victor, a coffee connoisseur who helped me to order exactly what I needed, but didn’t know how to ask for. Being the youngest of three, my sisters were always grabbing me by hand and taking me on adventures. I love when people guide me through the painful process of ordering a drink.

Victor was visiting his brother up here while recovering from cancer surgery. Watching me linger too long on the coffee menu, he offered to order for me. It was seriously one of the best coffees I ever had; two shots of Espresso with a foamy meringue. No sugar. Small. Giving me just the right boost of energy to keep searching for more sugar-cream snow lines.

While sitting in the car before being dropped off we laughed at the consul containings telling stories of a mountain family; seeds and nut snacks, Advil and bullets. Looking up laughing we noticed a “SALE” sign at T’lins Shoes. Owned by Tara Spung, Tlin’s is one of the only locally owned shoe stores in Aspen and always has a great selection of shoes, boots, shawls and accessories. We had to go in. There we were so happy to be met by Nichelle. Nichelle was the General Manager, and best salesgirl EVER, at Courage B (now Runway), and is now happily retired, only working when needed. We raked through all of the inventory wishing we could have it all, coming up with the dopest Pedro Garcìa satin sneakers that weren’t in our size, and a baby blue suede fringed poncho. We ran out before we spent our hard earned dollas. Soon, I promised myself, real soon!

From there we ran to Bird’s Nest Gallery and dove into the art from their all female exhibition, “Rise”. Ten% of exhibition sales profits supports Response, a local non-profit whose mission is to support, educate and empower survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, this important cause. 

Taking out our cell phones we showed-off the art of our kids to anyone who would listen; Axel Livingston, Insta: @The_Glorious_Youth; Estelle Sweeney, Insta: @estellemakescoolshit; and Jack Sweeney, Vlog: A Taste of the Wildside on youtube. Two moms all jacked up ready to send our kids to market with no listeners.

Giving up, I walked over and fell in love with the Cuttys by Jaime Molina.

[su_quote cite=”Jaime Moline”]“They’re pretty much free of convention and normal society stuff. They do what they want all the time. They throw paint cans in the fire and watch them explode all over their buddies. They sell bread and use the money to buy wine and then when they run out of wine they make more bread.”[/su_quote]

Bird’s Nest Gallery closes today for the off-season, but will be rotating artists monthly in their new pop-up space at L’il Boogies this summer. The soft opening is scheduled for June 8th, subject to change.

Heading back home we wrapped up all our loose threads from our conversations and said our good-byes, until today where I’m late for our skin before hitting it hard for closing day on Aspen!

It was an awesome day, that almost got lost to work, and it is duly noted that when there’s six or more inches, get after it.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/Ql85tS29Zho”]

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