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One Woman’s Quest to Build Facilities In Haiti

What began as one woman’s quest to build facilities to nourish, shelter and love the “throwaways” has become a societal dream for the poorest country on earth. To exist with equanimity, the possibilities of health care, education through University, sustainable agriculture and livestock, and the freedom of choice for a nation of gracious, hardworking, intelligent people whose ancestors were brought there against their will as slaves 700 years ago.

[su_quote cite=”Olwen Thomson’s Facebook Page” url=””]When we have food it is a “will live” time. When there is no food for days, we live on faith.[/su_quote]

The above quote is from a Haitian man from a recent trip I took to Haiti for Sadly, what HaitiChildren is able to provide cannot feed the 1600 families on the beautiful mountain top where this man lives.

[su_box title=””]Our Mission is to create the future leaders of Haiti through the provision of education, healthcare, advocacy and care for abandoned children with quantifiable accountability measures. We can accomplish all this with your help.[/su_box]

In Haiti, hundreds of years of a belief system is being broken due to three decades of factual information, gently reinforced by Susie and B. Joseph Krabacher through the schools and programs that they have created through the devoted staff; Pastors, medical personnel and Board Members of HaitiChildren. The numbers of children abandoned due to birth defects, mental, and or physical abnormalities has been steadily declining due to the tremendous efforts of Susie and Joe’s work. However, when a belief system is so entrenched in the Psyche of generations with a history of Slave Trade, and within the last 100 years the second largest child sex trade market in the world, when a child is born with any type of handicap, which is interpreted as Satan inhabiting the baby, if the infant is not cast out the entire family is ostracized from the only community they have ever known. That cycle is changing, but thousands of children that require lifetime care won’t receive it without money donated throughout this generations lifetime.

These are a graciously, giving, welcoming, proud people. They want and need to be self sustaining. They need help to enable empowerment for their community and future generations. HaitiChildren has been providing health, education and farming programs towards this goal for 25 years. The children want to, above all, get to University so they may come back to their villages with the education and knowledge to implement the vital work the whole community can and will gratefully do to be self reliant. That has been the priority of, along with providing food, shelter and education for the thousands of orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti. Read Susie’s blog.

[su_box title=”Susie Krabacher”]Susie Krabacher is a dedicated humanitarian whose work with saving, feeding, and educating the poorest of the poor has been featured in People Magazine, Marie Claire, Redbook Magazine, Stern Magazine, More Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, the Denver Post, the Canadian Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, the LA Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the Miami Herald, the New York Times and many other major publications. Susie’s work has been broadcast on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, the Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox TV, C-SPAN and CBS. She is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. The driving force behind the incredible work of HaitiChildren, Susie is a relentless advocate for the children[/su_box]

[su_box title=”B. Joseph Krabacher”]B. Joseph Krabacher is one of the most blessed men in business today. Married to the former Susie Scott, Joe enjoys a thriving law practice in Aspen, Colorado, and is developing real estate in Colorado and Arizona. Valedictorian of his law school class and editor of the law review, he is the recipient of five American Jurisprudence Awards. His law firm is one of the largest in Aspen and specializes in business, tax, real estate, and commercial litigation. Prior to focusing on real estate development, Joe co-founded a satellite communications company and a fiber optic networking company. Joe is Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer for HaitiChildren. He is responsible for legal matters as well as financial and auditing matters and has a BA degree in Accounting and Finance. Joe speaks two languages, plays the piano, guitar, saxophone, and flute and is an avid windsurfer and snowboarder.[/su_box]

When I ask for help for the children of Haiti, I am, in truth and faith, asking for the financial assistance to free a people’s dependence so they may live with honor, liberty, justice, faith and freedom that has been denied them through corruption in every sense of the word.

Donate to HaitiChildren

Please take 15 minutes out of this day and look at the options for donations. Keeping the schools open so the children are fed is at a crucial point. Susie had to turn over one of the four campuses to a Haitian organization last week as there is no money left. I’ve rarely seen such devastation, loss and agony on another’s face. Imagine having to say goodbye to 325 children and families you had sworn to serve and help…and had been for 25 years? I can’t imagine having to face that, but she did with grace and dignity whilst being accused, blamed, shamed, with insults hurled at her by a man who had grabbed a microphone. Susie stood tall somehow completing the ceremony, hugging and listening with an open heart to the children and families fears, frustration, cries for help, walking out the doors smiling and reassuring everyone she could, then she spent hours picking me up from the airport, navigating us through Port au Prince for the 2 hours it took to get to our cottage. Was I comfortable? What did I need? What could she do for me? Now I know how this woman has accomplished more for the people of Haiti than any Government, Prime Minister or President. No matter how hard she is thrown down on the ground, she stands up, brushes herself off, and never looks back or gives up. Her humble, ferocious, tenacious, Mama Bear spirit is more than formidable. It is filled with a commitment that she made to herself 30 years ago walking into the public hospital in downtown Port au Prince. She would spend every day, hour, second and moment of her life, not letting the “disposable, hopeless or forgettable people” that she literally stumbled upon, ever feel this way again.

So here we are at the end of August of 2018, desperately trying to find, and praying for Sponsors and annual donors for these children ($30 a month and a child is fed, educated, provided with healthcare and clothing). We repeatedly go on Social Media asking all of you to help, because this is what we can do. I’ll keep going to Haiti every 6 weeks, I will sponsor as many children as I can, I will help Pastor Louis to get water to the village, build irrigation system’s from rebar, hoses, plastic and metal from the dumps and landfills. I will write anyone, ask anyone to help these people as they are the most resilient, respectful, giving people I have ever encountered- anywhere in my life.

Please don’t tell me you are sick of hearing about Haiti as it’s just one disaster after another. We hear about Haiti because it’s people are the essence of what humanity is capable of. They survive what most of the world could not begin to endure. Most importantly they never, ever lose their Faith. I have spent decades being of service to my community here in Colorado, I’ll spend decades more doing the same. I cannot for one moment imagine not being a part of Haiti’s future as the possibilities are endless and so is the love I feel for every child that hugged me with all their might. The quiet generosity of a 70 year old man and a Pastor making sure I had an ear of corn and 1/2 an avocado from the minuscule supplies they had to feed 1500 families on a mountain top, the woman at church last Sunday, whom I mistook for an elderly grandmother, graciously asking to please help her son get a sponsorship for his second grade year. As so many do, after a few years other things seem more important, and they stop sponsoring a child at Haiti children. No school means no food, no clothes, no health care, often no bed to sleep in if the families village is a long distance away (meaning over a 2 hour walk to and home from school). I’m so grateful to my friend Susie. Showing me a corrupt, poverty stricken country that has endured more natural disasters and a barely functioning infrastructure with impassable roads, little to no clean drinking or irrigation water was the beginning of being frustrated, uncomfortable, tired and fairly angry enough to become a part of something so beautifully ironic that the clarity of what I’ve always believed is our one true purpose. That our lives may always touch another’s for the better and offer boundless possibilities. Haiti lit a fire in my heart that cannot ever be extinguished.

Read about the achievements made with the support of donors. We are truly grateful for your support. Your donation will help create sustainable communities. Please donate now: and share to social media. Thank you!

Author: Olwen Thompson

One Woman’s Quest to Build Facilities In Haiti
Author Olwen Thompson

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