Upcoming Events – Aspen Real Life

Aspen Business Connect Coffee Chat

Here House 614 East Cooper Ave (next to Local Coffee)

Join our public monthly Aspen Business Connect coffee chats and meet the top business professionals of our valley. From designers to content creators, financial planners, and matchmakers, together we are creating an incredible culture of the community.

Trunk Show with Michele Cardamone and Kimberly Wilson Jarrell

Duchess & The Dude 525 East Cooper Ave, Aspen

Don't miss this trunk show with Monica Rich Kosann 18k gold, sterling silver, and enamel lockets & Duchess & The Dude men & women's clothing. (Any purchase qualifies your name in a drawing for two $50 gift cards) Duchess & The Dude is upstairs next to Salon Tullio and Betula

Sharing Wisdom Between New & Established Entrepreneurs

Celebrating Community Champion Discussion Series #2 with Aspen Business Connect and CoVenture, as well as Here House Club. Learn from experienced entrepreneurs about building a successful business, whether you aim to serve the local community or the global market. The conversation will cover key topics such as the importance of knowing your "why", making sound ... Read more


How Generative AI is Changing Our Web Experience

55 North 4th Street 55 North 4th Street, Carbondale

Many of us are using AI with first-order effects, from writing content faster or writing better code etc. This is just the beginning. How will Generative AI change the entire web experience? Michael Umansky Co-Founder and CEO of Edgy Labs and INK will discuss how we are moving into a world of second-order effects with ... Read more