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Candice Claire Swan Sage

Prioritize Pleasure! Self Care IS Self Nourishing!

Making time and space for pleasurable moments is not only lovely but necessary to maintain optimal well being! We'll talk about several areas you can do just this! Having a cup of tea in a beautiful cup or exploring your sensuality and more!

Prioritize Pleasure Zoom Masterclass

Thursday, February 11, 6pm MT | Swan Sage Body Bliss tribe

In this Master Class we’ll talk about why receiving pleasure is important Self care. I’ll share Ayurveda’s wisdom on this and talk about simple sensual things you can do like enjoying delicious elixirs, relaxing aromatic baths and exploration in your sexuality!

I’ll present a challenge for you to have fun with. Approach all of the content here with curiosity. No shame. No blame. Just expansion of awareness and lots of Self Love, Self Care & creation of healthful bliss so you feel fantastic in your Being. Join the Swan Sage Body Bliss tribe and learn from these Master Classes! Invite a friend to join – have them contact me to sign up!

Call or email now to start your very affordable and value packed membership

$49.99/month or $499/year.

Drop ins are welcome at $25 but you won’t be added to the forum for monthly support, musings and contact

This includes 2 master classes/month, a private MeWe forum** for community sharing and questions,

970-948-7525 or


The best way to protect yourSelf from any pathogen is to fortify your immune system naturally. I have the divine medicinal essential oils from WISDOM OF THE EARTH, as well as coated silver (best natural and safe antibiotic on the planet), iodine and lots of other health enhancing goodies. Love yourSelf with these powerful and effective gifts from nature and choose to protect yourSelf without harm. Some of my favorite liposomal pure supplements can be found here:…

When you take care of your body naturally your immune system can do what it knows how to do best without artificial or harmful substances. I can help you find your bliss naturally using Ayurvedic ancient wisdom practices, healthy nutrition, meditation and medicinal aromatherapy.

Check out free content on my YouTube channel, Candice Oksenhorn.

Also, I am a Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor and can help you learn and bring this profound practice into you daily life!

Do you settle for feeling just OK? I’m here to show you that you can learn natural ways to create more energy, more beauty and more vitality than you ever imagined – naturally.

I offer several packages and fun classes to start you on your path of feeling and looking your best ever. Reach out and contact me for an initial free 30 minute call.

I offer my sage and humble wisdom from my evolutionary life experiences over 60 years and my expertise in Ayurveda, Meditation and Aromatherapy. We can thrive naturally and experience bliss. Our bodies know how to heal!

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