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Protect Our Winters Aspen

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We all need to join Protect our Winters and spread the word of this organization to keep the pow pow falling!

That was some kind of party last Thursday night thrown for Protect Our Winters by POW sponsors in Aspen: Aspen Sojourner, Gravity Productions, Michter’s and New Belgium Beer at Justice Snow’s.

The vibe was going off when we walked into the party with a bartender in a bow-tie meandering through the flowing crowd taking orders. I sidled up to the bar to comb through the incredibly tempting cocktail menu, slammed back three Milagro drinks, couldn’t help myself they were so good (Justice Snow’s is known for their extensive cocktail program with hand-crafted drinks made with rare spirits, fresh components, and limitless creativity) and gelled into the flow, bonding with old and new friends.

It began with Michele Kilie, manager and co-owner of Justice Snow’s. Michele, affectionately referred to by her last name, has a beautiful light and knows how to bring in the right people to help her throw a rockin’ party! I know where we are holding our first Aspen Real Life party!

I moved on to one of my favorite photographers in town (other than the incredible Michele Cardamone), Tomas Zuccareno. I have been lucky to watch Tomas in action while working on film shoots together – he moves with an ease and utter coolness, regardless of the stress as he works with models and celebrities on set. Sweep him up girls before it’s too late!

We all quieted down when Auden Schendler spoke. Auden, a strapping man with a great sense of humor, is Vice President of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company and he focuses on big scale solutions to climate change, primarily clean energy and activism. As revealed on the site of the book that Auden authored, Getting Green Done, Auden worked previously as a corporate sustainability researcher at Rocky Mountain Institute. “Auden has also taught high school, cooked burgers, insulated trailers, led Outward Bound trips, built goose nest islands in Alaska, sorted junk for an auction company, and hitchhiked all over the western U.S.” Did I mention that he is extremely good looking? He also has an intimidating presence but his smile warms through that and melts the facade.

As reported by Grist about Auden’s book, “Corporate sustainability guru Auden Schendler lays out the problem with corporate sustainability gurus in his recent Getting Green Done: Hard Truths from the Front Lines of the Sustainability Revolution. In doing so, he pretty much dares the nation’s copy editors to title their reviews with the decade’s most played-out headline: “It’s Not Easy Being Green.” Can they resist?”

The book argues that environmental overhauls of corporations are not easy, nor are they necessarily profitable. And environmentalists who want corporations to green-up anyway would do well to talk straight with them about the difficulties.

Chad Paul and Amanda Rae – You two!!!! It may have not have been a Disney cruise….but your parent’s 50th anniversary in the Riviera Maya sounds like a great way to get to know each other. Click here to read Amanda Rae’s article in the Aspen Times.

Jacqui Edgerly – LOVE YOU and meeting your sister, who seems to be as cool as you are. Let’s interview you and your Big Mountain girl-pack.

Jacqui Edgerly
Big Mountain Coach, Jacqui Edgerly with her sister

Shael Morgan – Let’s get you and your jewelry out there so you can lead the world with your High Chi, you little wood nymph you!

Corey Summers – Amazing work! Keep in touch – I feel an interview in the making.

Protect Our Winters Window Art by Corey Summers
Window Art by Corey Summers
Protect Our Winters Aspen
Window Art by Corey Summers
Window Art by Corey Summers
Window Art by Corey Summers



If we’re going to save our sport, our industry, our resorts and our mountain communities from the effects of climate change, it’s time to take action, together.

Please excuse the poor production of the video. I was broadcasting live to our Periscope channel and couldn’t put on the flash. See ARL Periscope broadcasts here.

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