Roaring Fork Valley Instagram Feeds by Isa Catto - Aspen Real Life
Roaring Fork Valley Instagram Feeds by Isa Catto

Roaring Fork Valley Instagram Feeds by Isa Catto

We are so happy to introduce Isa Catto as a contributing writer to our blog. Her new column, An Introvert’s Guide to the Roaring Fork Valley, will touch upon all the beautiful, whimsical, contemplative and esoteric finds in our Roaring Fork Valley. Through Isa’s art, writing and beautiful high altitude gardens, she captures so eloquently what we love most about living in this valley; the people who appreciate the treasures that nature brings. In this article Isa brings forth Roaring Fork Valley Instagram Feeds that are moving and inspire.

Introducing Isa Catto

Winter is in full swing, but I am still enjoying the last of the quiet before the holidays ramp up.  I am happy to join forces with Aspen Real Life to bring you another lens on this vibrant place in a series called An Introvert’s Guide to the Roaring Fork Valley.

Roaring Fork Valley Instagram Feeds by Isa Catto
Author, Isa Catto

Here is the skinny about me:

I’m a visual artist who pulls inspiration from a variety of sources: the cultivated landscape of my high altitude garden — The Mojo Gardens–, the wilder one at-large here in the Rockies, and the more subterranean territories of mythology, literature, and poetry. I am represented locally by Harvey Meadows Gallery and in Dallas by Kristy Stubbs Gallery.  I write a regular column for The Chronicle of Philanthropy but also keep a more personal blog called the Creative Rummage. I live outside of Aspen with my husband, the writer Daniel A. Shaw, where we host the Aspen Words Writer’s in Residence program with our two children and various dogs. I hike in the hills at every available opportunity to peer at things.

Favorite AspenGrams

It is easy to curse social media for constantly forcing us to see the world through scores of carefully curated lenses and yet I rely on one social media platform to gauge a sense of place before I travel. A few pointed hashtags, a few scrolls through tiresome selfies and I can find out some unique angles, or curves, of my intended destination. Naturally, I’m talking about Instagram and the Roaring Fork Valley is no exception — If you pop onto #aspensnowmass it takes you to eight billion shots of people in the wilderness making fresh tracks, jettisoning themselves over peaks and rocks and playing hard. Plenty of material for the adrenalin junkies or the armchair thrill seekers. If you are on this blog, chances are that you already follow @aspenreallife, and if you are searching for other nuanced takes on our long valley — also follow these 30 Instagram feeds. Most are creatives with some nonprofits. All are active on Instagram and celebrate a valley outside of its outsized reputation of hosting celebrities and stratospheric wealth. Here is an IG guide to this soulful place. Please note that this is a starter list, and space is limited, but there is more to come. Convo me @isacattostudio if you have a compelling and active feed for the next go round.

Roaring Fork Valley Instagram Feeds by Isa Catto

  1. @isacattostudio:  yours truly. Art, writing and the Mojo Gardens.
  2. @AlleghanyMeadows:  amazing ceramicist and gallery owner
  3. @boardbydesign:  furniture designer and maker. Inventor of the “knuckle”
  4. @ajaxinthewild: amazing multidisciplinary artist.
  5. @JamesSurls: our most famous valley artist and poet
  6. @davidrasmussendesign: director of the Art Base
  7. @theartbase: community art and education center
  8. @LizFerrill: artistic director at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and breathtaking painter
  9. @andreawallace1: amazing photographer
  10. @krhynuscesark: ceramicist and CMC professor
  11. @dickcarterworks: longtime local and nationally known painter
  12. @sawstudio:  art gallery
  13. @oliveandwest: photographer
  14. @bellsa: artist
  15. @larawhitleystudio:  multidisciplinary artist
  16. @protectourwinters: climate change awareness
  17. @andersonranchartscenter
  18. @jodygur: extraordinary ceramicist. botanist and painter
  19. @aspenwords: literary organization
  20. @skyegalleryaspen: great gallery with a community pulse
  21. @historyaspen: really old aspen and its history
  22. @independencepassfoundation: all about our gorgeous Pass
  23. @toridesignworks: painter
  24. @amandaramsay: sculptor
  25. @danielbayer_photographer
  26. @aspenunbound
  27. @hellofromaspen
  28. @andileaspen: furniture designer
  29. @pedromcbride: nat geo photographer
  30. @psymonspine: digital artist


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