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A Social Networking Event in Aspen

Diving into the Aspen social networking friends, I made a lot of friends last night and want to connect them with you.


After attending the BlogHer 10 conference I realized that it was far easier to network locally than to fly to New York City to meet 2,500 people and I made a pact with myself to get Aspen Real Life on the social networking lists. Here is where the magic comes in, as soon as I made it a goal to meet people within my community, fascinating locals have come out of the woodwork and my life as become a whole lot more dynamic! Now doors and windows are flying open and my Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds have become all the more informative and interesting to read. Aspen is pulsating and I’m right in it.

Last night I attended my first networking event that was put on by the Aspen Chamber Resort Association. The gathering was held on the patio of the Hotel Aspen and I had a whole lotta fun meeting the other entrepreneurs who have figured out how to be successful in a ski resort. Many of us agreed that it takes a certain breed of person to pack up and move to an expensive resort town like Aspen and make it work and we decided that all it takes is talent, perseverance, a positive attitude, a love for people and the ability to sell your company while on the chairlifts, ski slopes and hot tubs, to the investors and second homeowners who love this town as much as we do and want to see it thrive.

I spoke with website designers, private airline pilots and managers to luxury boutiques in town. I collaborated with Danny Tamez, Founder of Skollie Magazine, Adam Brooks from TV Aspen and Brad Manosevitz from Grassroots Television and I got the inside political scoop from Rob Ittner who is running for County Commissioner. As I walked back to my car I thought to myself, “Now this is what I’m talkin’ about, connecting.”

IMG_6921Hotel Aspen and Molly Gibson Owner, Michael Brown


IMG_6937Neil, full of Welsh charm and photographic expertise (Where did you go Neil and how do I find you again to interview you??)


We miss you Stuart!!!!

Riley Tippet, President of the Aspen/Telluride Ski Butlers where you “never have to stand in line again” and Jon Stuart of Stuart Painting. Jon just returned from a two year family sailing trip to New Zealand.


Russ Williamson, proprietor of Aspen Ski & Snow Report & Christian D. Whetsell Group Sales & Marketing Manager for Aspen Sports (great X-Games video on your website BTW, I got the chills).

IMG_6925Rick Head, GRI, Broker Associate for Chaffin Light & Charley Podolak, Senior Broker, GRI for Aspen Real Estate.

IMG_6919Liz and Kelly, Founders of The Local’s Book (be looking for the huge book of coupons soon)

IMG_6962James Castaldo, preparing the delicious sushi from Kenichi’s. James? is one of the few natives of Basalt. He lived in the red brick building, above what is now Bistecca Bistro.

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    • Hey Marilyn, I tried to get you to come, albeit last minute. I’ll let you know next time, well in advance, and we can work the crowd together, Marilyn/Jillian style. Hopefully next time I won’t spill my wine on myself and everybody else. I’m hopeless!


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