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Spa Anjali in Beaver Creek

Trying to find the perfect gift for Mother's Day? I have the answer for you and it's not too late to make it happen!!

Spa Anjali in Beaver Creek

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I walked in loaded down with a backpack filled with extra lacrosse balls and snacks, my fly-away hair…flying away, and a frazzled expression on my face. If the lovely woman behind the desk of the  Spa Anjali at The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at Beaver Creek Mountain had any doubt that I was the actual travel writer scheduled for the massage, she didn’t show it.

I was in Beaver Creek for yet another Lacrosse Tournament but this year I was doing things differently. I was escaping and indulging for my birthday and for Mother’s Day, and I wasn’t feeling guilty about it. This was a necessity, my lifestyle of sitting down to extract words of travel and luxury for eight hours a day and then hitting the mountains hard to get out and experience that said lifestyle, has been actually physically killing my back. I limped in.

Mothers, or superwomen, whichever name you prefer, do it all and a big part of our role as the nurturers is to show how much we care through our touch, endlessly caressing our loved ones by combing our fingers through their hair or tickling their soft, delicious backs until slumber falls. The harsh reality is, moms/wives rarely get soft touches in return, without expectations attached. A massage helps to fill that void and I was looking forward to enjoying that uninterrupted luxury for an hour and a half.

Spa Anjali at The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa:

Named the #2 U. S. Resort Spa for 2011 by Condé Nast Traveler readers, Spa Anjali provides products with organic and natural origins with treatments that are formed based on healing traditions uncovered centuries ago. The treatments from the Alps include an Aromatherapy Oil Massage or a Sun & Snow Facial, from the Himalayas, an Abhyanga Massage and Neem Healing Therapies and from The Rocky Mountains, a Fossil Fusion Mud Wrap or Ponderosa Pine Therapy.

I had chosen the Ponderosa Pine massage that integrates ancient Native American remedies by using a heated poultice filled with sage, pine, and lavender with a deep tissue massage and stretching that alleviates tension and treats inflammation and muscle pain.

My Masseuse, Will Licking, came in to the room and the energy changed with his youthful strength and his obvious passion for his vocation. At the start of the massage he spoke to me of how he knew he wanted to practice massage since the age of six. We spoke of  Carlos Castaneda and our mutual love for the light and spirituality found in Arizona but as he massaged the heated pumice into my aching joints I chose to be quiet so that I could absorb it all in. The sage and Pine scent, the Native American music and Will’s touch brought me to my first trip to Colorado where I floated down the Green River scanning the tops of the canyons for the ghosts of handsome and strong Indians, expecting to see a feather from a head piece blowing in the wind.

Will’s touch was deep enough to get into my tired muscles and just the right amount of pressure for me to remain peaceful, the applied heat providing a wonderful prelude to his soothing hands.

As I drove away from the Westin I was immediately jolted out of my peaceful state when a police car pulled me over for taking a left at a right only turn. The Police Officer was kind and only gave me a warning and I continued on to watch the next lacrosse game.

For the rest of the day as the little players shot and scored and got jabbed at by other players, I felt as though I were in some fantastic dream that I couldn’t shake, certainly a state that a mother of three cannot retain for too long but while I was in it I was so thankful for everything in my life but the two people who kept entering my mind the most were the ones very dear to my heart, my mother and my mother-in-law. Two amazing women who I wish that I could get to the Spa Anjali for a massage. I guess I’ll have to be creative and find them a treatment in their own towns but I’m telling you what….if you live nearby, pick up the phone and make the appointment for that special mother in your life, I promise, it is one of the best presents you can give and you will come out shining for your thoughtfulness and your effort. Give them back that touch that they so deserve!


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