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Spring in Aspen

Are you getting spring fever? It's that time where we break out our calendars and begin to book our weekend trips and I don't know about you but I'm dying to get out in it and away from all of the chaos that life brings. Any trips planned for this spring? So much to do, let's get prepared!

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I have spring fever and with every bluebird 30+ degree day I feel the need to venture further and further away from my home and into the great outdoors.

I walk along the trails with Muki pouncing on my shadow every step of the way and I soak it all in. As the suns rays turn the Juniper and Spruce trees into a velvety green, matching the color of Wade’s eyes, I daydream about all of the outdoor adventures we have taken together, with and without the family. These trips fill our souls, whether it be skinning up to huts to jump naked in the snow late night, backpacking six hours to the Conundrum Hot Springs to plunge….naked…into the hot pools or caravanning with good friends and all of our children to the desert where the kids, in that magical evening light, build bike jumps as the parents drink margarita’s and bond around the campfire, with our clothes on.

We always thought that those trips would be a given, where every year we would all break out from our crazy schedules and get away from it all. But the reality is that times are busy and unless we take the time to map it out on our calendars, it won’t happen. So as soon as I stop writing I’m going to do some brain surgery and squeeze in a few trips that the boys are begging for: a spring Great Sand Dunes trip, a bike trip and farmers dinner in Paonia, a summer hut trip and a trip to Lake Powell and then I’m going to round up the troops and make it all a reality.

We must not forget that many of us have moved out here to escape the societal stresses inflicted upon us and I for one am ready to bring on the fun!

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10 thoughts on “Spring in Aspen”

  1. Hi Jillian – Spring fever? You bet! I’ve had it since December 1st! We are looking forward to a lot of time at the lake this summer but beyond that – nothing exotic. I go on the internet everyday just to see BLUE SKIES which we rarely get here. Yes, spring – bring it!

    • SuZen, right, I haven’t forgotten, you have spring/summer fever year round, as do I. My husband fears I’ll leave him one day to go somewhere warmer but I couldn’t leave these beautifully sunny winter powder days…ever!

  2. I think “fever” is a misnomer. When I have a fever, I don’t want to go anywhere, and I’ve always wondered why we call the antsy-get-me-out-of-here feeling we get about this time every year Spring Fever. I think your plans sound AWESOME, and I too am looking forward to the change of scenery. My first two trips will be to visit family in more suburban settings, but the outdoors are beckoning! Good luck with your quest~

    • Hi Meagan, I actually do feel feverish in the way that I can’t think straight and am delusional about all the places I can go to. Hopefully they will all pan out! Now its my turn to visit you and do some catching up!

  3. I LOVE that picture of you! I want to be with you in that picture!
    I think you are toi hard on yourself in regards to living the good life and appreciating the beauty. That is what you represent to me! The real world is tough…instead of teaching pilates all day…..listening to my clients blah blah blah….I would much rather be travelling in Greece or Australia or even Florida for that matter….getting away from the real world is very very very important (much better then going to a psychic!) Include me when you go!
    Love you

    • Mouse, I have been missing you lately esp. since my hair color is now the same of yours and when I look in the mirror I see you smiling back at me, green eyes flashing.

      You’re right, getting away from the real world is very important, isn’t that why we daydream so much?

      Love you!

  4. I am so glad I found your blog! We do business in Colorado every summer and so have traveled most (all?) of the state and have made many new friends. But Aspen is one of our favorite spots during the summertime. We’re always on a shoestring budget, so La Cantina (is it still there?) is one of our dinner spots. Thanks for all the great info–I think we’ll be back in Aspen in late July.

    • Good to have you over here Dianna. I enjoyed visiting you and your son’s blogs. Our house is not much different, with music playing day in day out and when the music is not on I’m listening to This American Life.

      This is why I often need to take off my headphones while hiking, to absorb the peace and quietness of the woods.

      Stay tuned for March where I will be highlighting some of our favorite spots in Aspen…and around the valley!


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