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Supporting and Building Community

It is a dream of many to live in the Roaring Fork Valley, not only for the high-alpine resort town living, but also for the lifestyle, a perfect amalgam of mind, body, spirit, and a rocking involved community. The close-knit partners and brokers of the independently owned Palladium Properties value this lifestyle so completely and they share a unifying passion to help their clients to become a part of this community.

The nurturing of this passion stems from the founder of Palladium Properties, Krista Klees, who is very involved in supporting the local arts and charitable organizations by sponsoring events, in addition to holding Palladium events to connect everyone closer together. The dedication of Klees to her community led her to build Palladium on a commitment to ethics and honesty in real estate. She’s selected Aspen’s best and brightest to join her in her mission. With three office locations throughout the entire Roaring Fork Valley; in Aspen, Willits and Glenwood Springs, their presence and involvement is well known, and very well received.

[su_quote cite=”Krista Klees” url=””]I’m constantly in awe of the dynamic nature of the people that come here, and all the pursuits they follow: intellectual, physical, artistic, and social. [/su_quote]

Events sponsored by Palladium Properties occur year round, and there is one coming around the corner on Saturday, August 18th, to benefit one of our valley’s most beloved art organizations, the Art Base. Not only does Palladium sponsor this event, but Klees also sits on the board.

The Art Base is a treasured gathering place for creativity, community, and art in historic downtown Basalt, Colorado where artists of all ages and abilities come together to engage their creativity, hone their technical skills, learn new processes and share in the alchemy of making art. The Art Base provides a vibrant schedule of art classes for adults and youth (both in school and outside of the classroom) and are always growing their partnerships and outreach programs, currently striving to make art accessible to the at-risk and under-served, including the developmentally disabled, teen parents and youth in addiction recovery. The event, with a special Melva Bucksbaum dedication to the arts honoring local artist, Isa Catto, is sold out but one may still give a gift by contacting Development Chair Allison Sawczyn at [email protected]. Stop by the Palladium Properties office in Willits at 364 Market Street to preview showcased artwork compliments of The Art Base.

[su_quote cite=”New York Times” url=””]People who feel more connected to others have lower levels of anxiety and depression. Moreover, studies show they also have higher self-esteem, greater empathy for others, are more trusting and cooperative and, as a consequence, others are more open to trusting and cooperating with them.[/su_quote]

On September 8th, 9am – 1pm, Palladium Properties is also sponsoring the Lucky Day Animal Rescue annual Doggy Day & Splash at the Aspen Recreation Center, for they know that connections made with animals is as important as connections made with humans for wellbeing.

For dog lovers this is one of the most looked forward to and cherished events of the year for dog owners and their pups where frisbee and pool time is had by both furry and not so furry friends. If you have an auction item you would like to donate to this truly incredible 501c3 organization and event, email [email protected].

Lucky Day Animal Rescue serves the public as a 501c3 tax exempt, non-profit organization. Locally owned LDAS is a place where rescues, adoptions and rehabilitations occur, including placement for animals at risk, regardless of age or breed. LDAS also provides educational services and spay/neuter programs to the community.

On November 3rd, Palladium Properties sponsors The Taste of Basalt, which raises money for the Basalt Education Foundation. The Basalt Education Foundation seeks to maximize community investment in the Basalt schools to deliver innovative, creative programming and experiences for every student, removing all school budgetary constraints, to provide students with the highest quality education possible.

At Aspen Real Life (and Aspen Business Connect) we commend those who care about the locals and who do their best to bring our community closer together. Palladium Properties represents all that we embody and we sing their praises over and over again. If you are wanting a truly authentic real estate experience, you must give them a call. The brokers all live in this valley and are dedicated and motivated to provide the real estate expertise in one of the most competitive but ultimately rewarding real estate markets in the USA.


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