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Supporting the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition

Supporting the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition

Supporting the Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition

As the protests in North Dakota regarding the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline rage on, a group of people spread across the Roaring Fork Valley have begun to grow in numbers.  They have come together due to great concerns for the growing violence taking place on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, and are finding ways to support the tribe and the protesters that are fighting for rights to their own protected land.

I was lucky enough to meet a few wonderful members of this group in Carbondale, just before they set out to North Dakota. One of them was David Starbear Avalos, activist of dimensional shift and awakening quadrivium resonance, who spent weeks with two of his friends packing two sizable trailers with frozen food, propane, tanks of water, and other necessary materials.  David has family members with an active presence on the reservation, and his desire to do anything he can to help is very apparent.  His counterpart, Alexa Webster, Founder of Seeds of Remembrance, was also there finishing up the loading of the trailers, and is bringing with them materials to create altars for prayer, with hopes of bringing spiritual strength to people in North Dakota. While they were all such deeply inspiring characters, with warm hearts and welcoming hugs, I could see worry in their eyes, not just for the people already there, but for themselves.  With that sense of worry was an even greater desire to make a change and get out there to Standing Rock.  I couldn’t keep them long, as they were very eager to set out on their 15 hour road trip to the site, but the short time I did spend with them was inspiring, and we wish them the best of luck on their great endeavors in North Dakota.  

Roaring Fork Valley Support for Standing Rock

To become involved with this group, visit their Facebook page, “River Stands With Rock Roaring Fork Valley Stands With Standing Rock” and put in a request to join the group, in order to help the cause. To donate money visit:

** Amy Kimberly, Executive Director for Carbondale Arts, is driving up on November 21st. Message her on Facebook if you can help. David has asked for the following to get ready for winter:

Heavy tunnel tents
Heavy and large tarps canvas and oil are great wind barriers.
Lots of long cam straps that can be used to secure tarps to structures
Folding tables
Metro shelving
Rubber kitchen mats
Shaffer rings
Hotel pans
Below 0 sleeping bags large
Bulk dr bronners soap.
Turkey fryers
Camp stove burners ( heavy duty 2 burners)
Stock pots.

 ** Weekly supply runs are scheduled through December 2nd. Donations are being accepted at Sustainable Settings, Tuesday – Saturday 9am-4pm Nov 15-19 or by appointment 970-963-6107.

Standing Rock Donation Drive

[su_box title=”Roaring Fork Valley Support for Standing Rock”]We are volunteers/ water protectors/ activists from the Roaring Fork Valley who are onsite in Standing Rock, North Dakota. We stand in peaceful protest, prayer and solidarity with the Sioux. Stand with us. The needs we ask for are real and immediate. We set up the kitchen at the top of Sacred Stone Camp and are now also working as the entry ambassadors to orient people as they arrive to support the tribe.

UPDATED SATURDAY NOVEMBER 14 Once on site it quickly became apparent that monetary funding will be much more effective than continuing to find ways to transport donations between Colorado and North Dakota.

IMMEDIATE NEEDS: CASH DONATIONS will support: food, propane for cooking and various kitchen needs. SPECIFIC ITEMS: Looking for a larger military or cowboy tent 20’x30′ ish. Metro shelves, Cots, and a solar panel inverter. HOW DID WE GET INVOLVED? Inspired by the activist muse Suzanne Sterling at the Lead with Love Retreat in Aspen, Colorado we mobilized and have experienced extraordinary support. PLEASE KEEP IT COMING! THANK YOU.

ABOUT THE MOVEMENT From a federal government standpoint the issue at hand is Native rights. The threat to the nation’s water (and consequentially food supply) is the motivation for INDIGINEOUS TRIBES AND CULTURES FROM AROUND THE WORLDS to band together to protect the earth and future generations of life. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has opposed the Dakota Access Pipeline since first learning about plans for the pipeline in 2014. In recent months the issue has heated, as thousands of protesters—including many Native Americans—have gathered in North Dakota and are successfully blocking the 1,200-mile project. With both supporters and opponents vowing to fight through the harsh North Dakota winter, the battle shows no signs of ending anytime soon. The supporters spirits are strong and ready for the long winter. Please join the efforts of the Roaring Fork Valley to sustain them with food. The need is high and we aspire to provide the highest quality nutrition to those who are dedicating their lives to defending clean water for all of us. Our new president elect has multiple ties to investments in DAPL. President Obama has taken no action. If nothing else, please call these numbers in support of our native brothers and sisters, in support of mama earth and in support of your great-great grand children.

CALL THE WHITE HOUSE (YES, this is a thing, and it helps) (202) 456-1111

CALL the Army Corp of Engineers, Regulatory and Permits Contact Number 202-761-5903 Ask them to respect sacred land and reroute the pipeline (they can’t stop it). Rerouting the pipeline effectively kills it.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Wells Fargo Protest”]In solidarity with the National Day of Action, November 15th, we will be manifesting in front of the Wells Fargo branches in Carbondale and Aspen from 11am – 4pm. We encourage anyone who is able to join us in this democratic action. Flyers and posters are being created. Create your own picket sign. Remember this is a PEACEFUL Protest in line with the peaceful efforts of the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. If the banks pull funding, as the Dutch bank DNB Is considering it will have a major impact on the whether or not the DAPL continues. This is a grand opportunity to do something right now and right here. This is happening in conjunction with major protests across the country on this day including a major march on the U.S. Corps of Engineers in Denver starting st the University of Colorado. Wells Fargo represents $460,000,000 in financial support for the DAPL and is one of the top 4 financers of the $10.5 billion credit line. We will be encouraging locals to withdraw their support for these institutions by closing accounts and making phone calls as part of the national effort to pressure major banks into withdrawing their sponsorship and consequently starving the DAPL (aka Black Snake) of the necessary loans to continue. Aho![/su_box]

[su_box title=”IF YOU ARE COMING TO STANDING ROCK”]We’ve had a HUGE Influx of people suddenly – mostly white and there are some things you should know… 1) No drugs or alcohol… This is not burning man or a festival. Do not bring your party at the expense of these peoples fight for life and death. 2) Remain in prayer 100% of the time – this is a peaceful gathering and one that needs to be treated with the same respect you would hold in a church space. 3) YOU ARE NOT ON VACATION – this is not a camping trip – if you come for god sakes HELP OUT! Carry something, cook something, clean something. 4) Realize you are not going to “Save the day” – your donations will be taken and added to the stores but it’s no heroes welcome. Be ready for that. However, we are grateful for what you bring – if you want a Thankyou hug, come find me orRegina! 5) Nobody wants to hear your songs with your guitar or drum around the fire – unless you are asked to perform, don’t do it. Along the same lines of how you would conduct yourself in church or a ceremony space. Just break out in song? I don’t think so. 6) Find and talk to the elders – they are so wonderful and calming to be around! They are the pillars of this community and getting to know them has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my time here. DISCLAIMER – I know this may sound harsh but it’s what we are experiencing here. We need this to be very clear so take time to understand the traditions and Native ways before arrival. Standing Rock Dakota Access Pipeline OppositionOceti Sakowin CampStanding Rock Sioux TribeNodapl#nodapl[/su_box]

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