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What to Do in Aspen During the Offseason?

What are you doing for the off season? If you have any specials/events going on, I invite you to join my facebook page and post it on my wall.

Steep and Deep Omni-Heat

My husband and I took a day away from the kids to reconnect on the ski slopes as the children lump together in one giant ski school/AVSC mass. We were reminded as to why we live here. It's all about getting out in nature with the one you love, skiing the Highlands Bowl and ending with a delicious lunch at Cloud Nine.

Remembering Our Fallen Friends of Aspen

As much as we miss all of our Fallen Friends, the too many skiers and snowboarders who we have lost throughout the years, it really felt as though their presence was with us today as we hooted and hollered our way through the beautiful powder on Aspen Highlands.

Meeting The Cool People Who Work in Aspen

Meeting The Cool People Who Work in Aspen The clouds were hanging low promising snow and I was alone...for once. Now that Hootie-Hoo is in...

Spring Break in Aspen

The Aspen slopes are calling our name over spring break

Accident on Aspen Highland’s Bowl

I implored Wade not to wait for his painfully slow wife. I could tell that today would be another Everest-like day. One of those days where I begged him to just leave me to the elements.