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Introducing SimplyWholeHealing-Private Health Coaching
Health & Wellness

Introducing SimplyWholeHealing-Private Health Coaching

SimplyWholeHealing is a health coaching practice that focuses on working with clients, as they age, to connect the dots between their lifestyle choices and their health. Together, we work to reach health goals in areas such as achieving optimal weight, reducing food cravings, improving sleep, reducing anxiety, and maximizing energy. During our time together, my clients develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them and implement lasting changes that will improve their energy and balance, as well as physical, mental and emotional health.

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Jillian Livingston

Trying to Survive Without Sleep

[su_heading size=”18″]Trying to Survive Without Sleep[/su_heading] Last night I skinned up Buttermilk with my fellow Monday evening companions. We gathered in the parking lot as

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