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A Night at Thug Yoga

A Night at Thug Yoga I’ve never been a big yoga guy. I don’t have anything personal against it, but I’ve just never gotten into...

Yoga Therapy at O2 Aspen

Author: Charlie Henderson Yoga Therapy at O2 Aspen At age twelve, Evan Rachel Soroka,  was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and she has been insulin dependent...

The Taoist Approach to Parenting

Learning how to parent your child with greater ease based on ancient philosophy.

Girls Getaway Surf Trip

I could see how it could easily become an addiction to crave the next ride. That feeling of being one with the ocean stays with you forever. It is far better to be on top of the wave than to be struggling underneath it.

Anatomy of a Mommy Blogger

In all of this self-analysis I have deduced that my writing has become a reflection of my spiritual journey as a wife and a mother. It has helped me to live in the present more completely and spiritually then ever before. Every nuance, every impressionable expression, every tribute to life, resonates in my being and writing it all down helps me to grow.