Tanuki To Go: Mischievously Gourmet Asian Street Food in a Box
Tanuki To Go: Mischievously Gourmet Asian in a Box

Tanuki To Go: Mischievously Gourmet Asian in a Box

Walking into Tanuki To Go Asian Fusion, otherwise known as Mischievously Gourmet Asian in a Box, I was immediately brought in by the energy and humor of the Chefs, and couldn’t wait to taste all the food (coming soon).

We are loving the pop-up concept that is bringing a new vitality to our valley, and Tanuki To Go, based out of Bootsy Bellow’s kitchen is a most welcome addition to Aspen. With menu item names that include; “Me So Corny Miso Soup,” and “Brokeback Mountain Town Fried Rice,” their abounding senses of humor compliment their seriously delicious food.

Tanuki To Go Chefs

The Chefs behind Tanuki To go are, Chef Adam Christopher Norwig; Personal Chef, Caterer, Event Planner, Hospitality Consultant, Concierge Services – Available for travel, and Chef Jonathan Leichliter who is also a Chef at Justice Snow’s. Find them on Insta: @Chef_Adam_in_Aspen & @Chef_Leichliter. Your lovely hostess greeting you at the door is Kirra Sherman (check out her website, it’s more than likely that you may be needing her Fearless Intuition coaching to something brave like what they have done with their street food).

Tanuki To Go: Mischievously Gourmet Asian in a Box


Tanuki To Go is located in the back alley behind Bootsy Bellows at 300 East Hyman Ave. HOURS: SUNDAY-THURS 4PM-MIDNIGHT, FRI/SAT 4PM-2:00AM. Open through April 1st only. Catering and lunch delivery available. For offices in town a $100 minimum – text the night before. For all orders text c) 310.606.9559, or drop into the back alley and order. Food is ready in 10 minutes.

Tanuki To Go Menu

Harijuku Girls Shumai 9
Spicy Bison Tonkatsu, Fried Wonton, Sweet Tamarind, Scallions, and Sesame Seed with Wasabi Cream dipping sauce.
Me So Corny Miso Soup 6
酸辣汤, you know?! 起死回生
Rustic, like your mom would make, Dashi, Shitake & Button Mushrooms, Umami, Wakame & Hajiki Mineral Rich Seaweed, Southern Corn, Tofu, Scallion and Chile.
Mushi Mushi Egg Rolls 8
Smoked Duck-Napa Cabbage Egg Rolls. Spicy Mustard.
Samurai Sesame-Carrot Salad 7
Signature Sesame-Carrot Sesame Dressing, Greens, Red Onion, Tomato, Crispy Sesame Rice Chip.
Did you Get Poke of the Day… 13
Chefs and the Sea’s Choice, NOW Salmon, Sticky Rice, Fresh Veggies, Sweet Soy, Won Ton Chips.
Brokeback Mountain Town Fried Rice 7
Lots of Veggies, lots of rice, fried with lots of love and yummy flavor secret sauce.
She so Saucy Kung Pao Brisket 16
Smoked Brisket, Confit Celery, Roasted Eggplant, Yellow Onion, Red Peppers, Cashews, Steamed Rice.
Princess Monoke Ramen Carbonara 14
Poached Egg, Pecorino Cream, Green Onion, Peppercorn, Bacon.
Santori Chinese Chicken & Waffles 15
Crispy Fried Chicken Thighs, Charred Scallion-Sweet Potato Bubble Waffle, Bourbon Maple Syrup, Yuzu-Roasted Tomato Hot Sauce.
Add a Fried Duck Egg 2 or Poached Chicken Egg 1
Drunken Master Mu Shu Burrito 12
VEGGIE LOVERS: Shiitake mushrooms, Charred Eggplant. Tofu, Bok Choy, Fried Rice, Smoked Hoisin Sauce. In a Burrito, Or GF in a Bowl.
Not your Average Duck Ramen Bowl 18
Crispy Smoked Duck Leg, Sun Ramen Noodles, Pickled Mushrooms, Charred Eggplant, Nori Chip, Miso-Pork Broth, Poached Egg.
Sexy Lady Boy Shrimp & Cheesy Grits 18
Salt & Pepper Shrimp, Thai Tamarind & Coconut Curry, Cheesy Grits, Andouille Sausage, Basil, Cilantro, Bok Choy.
Double Double Korean Trouble Burger 15
Sweet Roll, Two Pork-Beef Patties, Kimchi, Secret Sauce, Mushrooms, American Cheese. Comes with Bag of Lays Chips. (Even Koreans need to get laid!)
Add Fried Duck Egg 2 or Fried Egg 1
Add Extra Crispy Chicken, Shrimp, Brisket or Tofu to any and all 4
*yes we can probably do a thing or two GF, or dare we say, vegan


Cooking with The Healthy Hot Sauce



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