Aspen Business Connect Testimonials

“I just went to Jillian’s Aspen Business Connect event at Aspen Kitchen with a panel discussing the importance of eating local and nutritious food without pesticides. There was so much positive energy in the room and such an eclectic mix of local business representatives. It was such a perfect way to connect with members of our community. Bravo, Jillian! I can’t wait for more! ~ Michele Cardamone of Michele Cardamone Photography

“Thank you Aspen Real Life and your team. Very informative and well organized panel discussion. Wonderful to network with such smart, fun crowd. Keep up the good work.” ~ Harry Teague Architects

Sponsor Carrie Bryant of Coldwell Banker Mason Morse says, “I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Aspen Business Connect, not only as one of the original sponsors, but also as a participant of the monthly gatherings that connect business owners and locals in our valley.  At the first event, I found that I knew more people than I expected, and those I knew introduced me to their connections. I then realized I was naturally connecting people I met with others I knew who might be able to help in business or social circles.  It is the exact way I approach my job as a Real Estate Broker. People prefer to work with people they like and feel comfortable with and trust; i.e. relationship building. Aspen Connect opened more doors for me and solidified my belief that participation and collaboration is the key to my success, both professionally and socially.  Thank you Jillian for your collaboration!”

“Last week Jerome, Eden, and Brook melted our minds with their wisdom on the state of our food systems, what they’re doing about it, and what we can all do to improve the health of ourselves and the Earth. Thanks Aspen Business Connect for organizing this great event!” ~ CRMPI

“Thanks so much Jillian for putting these together. We were glad to see so many people who care about their food, we got so many business cards! Amazing” ~ Jerome Osentowski, Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute

“Thank you Jillian for giving us the opportunity to talk with our community via Aspen Business Connect! Your crew is amazing.” ~ Sustainable Settings

“Great evening. Great initiative. Great connections. Thanks Jillian Livingston and Jill for bringing the business community together!” ~ Bill Infante, Principal & Co-Founder at Hangai Mountain Textiles, Co-Founder & President at Breakthrough Communications, Basalt Town Council Member.

“Such an amazing event, Jillian!! Thank you for including us and for everything that you’re doing for this community and beyond. You’re an inspiration and connecting people is the most satisfying thing. Xoxox” ~ Molly Dodge, Bosq

“Last night was incredibly inspiring! Seeing those women discuss their passions in a human, connected way really affirmed the decisions I’ve been making in my own business and life. You said that it’s not enough to pursue goals in your business, but that we must also let go of the things that are no longer working and that no longer serve us. That really hit home. Thank you!” ~ Elise Fitzsimmons, Publisher and Co-Founder of Unearth Women

“I find the Aspen Business Connect Coffee Chats incredibly helpful (and motivating!), and I look forward to future discussions. Jillian is a light in the community, and what she’s doing is truly value-add for our small businesses!” ~ Jill Kosdrosky, Owner & CEO The Clean Candle, LLC

“Jillian has a great enthusiasm to help people publicize their ideas and offerings as well as create symbiotic connections all around her.” ~ Gabriella Aratow COO KIS

“I love the weekly Wednesday morning Coffee Chats. They have been a delight of my week. Jillian holds a wonderful container of safety, openness, and support. She is also just very genuine, which is not so easy to achieve in our bustling transient community. I feel totally safe in these chats and somehow all participants follow this wonderful energy of being there for each other. Makes perfect sense, right? Jillian is able to provide the space for this that we all yearn for. It is like getting out of your own head and leaving with a new freshness and new ideas. If you are shy, it is a great place to practice putting yourself out there safely and feel supported. As long as I have known Jillian I have always been struck by her warmth, generosity, wisdom. The only agenda she has is to serve everyone and to help us move towards our highest expression and good. It is also interesting to learn about new business and new ideas happening in the valley, you don’t know who might be the perfect partner or connection for your business or work. Makes my little old town I have called home for the past 30 years more intimate and I get to feel more connected.” ~ Katalin Domoszlay Artist and Designer in the field of Architecture and Interiors.

“We thought you’d love that we all connected over a fabulous dinner. Turned into a blog post, a mastermind group, a newly designed ring from gems from my ancestors and who knows great collaborations between some of us in the future! Thanks for being our connector and for all you do!! ~ Marisa Hallsted, Mindful Vine

“Reflecting on these moments is fulfilling because they are a clear example that as humans our ultimate resource is our ability to create happiness and as a result emerge in a natural state of pure enjoyment.   By being present and giving to each other, these complete strangers gifted one another with what the soul seeks: a higher intent of connection. Magnificent creations cannot be overseen for our lives are not just meant to be livable; rather, they are meant to be memorable.” ~ Christopher Palasz

“Thank you for inviting me to be a part of Aspen Business Connect. I attended last Thursday’s meeting and I think it was a fabulous get together.” ~ Marlene, Casting for Recovery

“I was blessed to be at the Aspen Business Connect event this past Thursday. The information, connection, and energy that was in the room was awesome. It was a perfect environment for creative minds to connect and build relationships. I will definitely attend again. Thank you Jillian & team.” ~ Marsha Weigum, Rise up and Live Abundantly

“I appreciate what you two powerhouses (Jillian Livingston and Gina Murdoch) are doing…  it was a powerful presentation at Aspen Chapel last week [How to Stay Spiritual in Business]!  Everybody did a fabulously great job! Thank you so much for being the ones to actually manifest this vision that spent tons of years as just a great idea in the minds and hearts of many. Bravo to you both!!! ~ Missy Flynn