The Faces Behind the Businesses of our Valley - Aspen Real Life
The Faces Behind the Businesses of our Valley

The Faces Behind the Businesses of our Valley

AspenBusinessConnect was launched last Thursday in The Marble Bar Aspen, a Marble Distilling Co. concept and tasting room, the perfectly intimate space to connect with others, meet the faces behind the businesses of our valley, and listen to enriching stories told by local business representatives; 

EXECUTIVE CHEF/OWNER OF Bosq, C Barclay Dodge, Chef Dodge has spent the last thirty years traveling to exotic places from North Africa, the Mediterranean, South East Asia, Central America, Australia and all over Sub-Sahara Africa. The flavors & cultures of the East have always intrigued him and he finds himself heavily delving into the markets, restaurants (white tablecloth and street food) and cooking classes whenever he travels. Working in Michelin starred restaurants in Spain and New York are also where he draws immense inspiration.

Originally from Aspen, cooking quickly became a deep love of Chef Dodge’s since the restaurants were one of the few places that would employ the youth. For the last twenty-five years, he has traveled and cooked between Aspen and other parts of the country and globe. He developed a great reputation and clientele and the community is always curious as to what is next for the talented chef.

Chef Susie Jimenez, a Private Chef whose family migrated from Mexico every year to travel the crop season in California, Oregon and the West Coast. Susie graduated in 2012 from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco, then moved to Aspen to pursue life in the restaurant world. From executive chef, line cook, manager to the most passionate one, teaching her style of culinary arts to others Susie has been a star on Food Network, Sabores de Familia, Harvest Aspen, Spice it up on KNFO,, Sportsman Channel, ARL and has a large following on her live Facebook feed. Currently, Susie has Planting Seeds a non profit to help people understand food and it’s value.

Shaefer Welch aka “The Good Fellow” is a service and spirits specialist for the Marble Distilling Company.  As a partner, he’s involved with events, programming, and outreach for the Marble Bar Aspen. Shaefer is a native of South Carolina and holds a business degree from the University of South Carolina.  

The concept for this business networking forum was born from the repetitive conversations I was having with local business owners who expressed their wish to have more locals be informed of what amazing products and services they offered. Since our town runs by word of mouth, I knew I needed to tap into that.

As a tightly knit community, we love to share the things we love and have become accustomed to acting as concierges, answering questions and helping our visitors find what they are looking for, and pushing them towards those businesses we are connected to. But there is a constant issue that arises, we’re transient here, and so the beautiful relationships that we often build with other businesses often dissolves when our contacts move away. This is why we need to continuously gather together to get updates on the changes and meet the new faces so that they again become front of mind. AspenRealLife has always been about connecting readers to the cool people and places we meet, and it was a natural progression to create AspenBusinessConnect.

We are so grateful to our sponsors for leaping in at the very inception of AspenBusinessConnect to show their support for our community, and to allow us to not be fee based. Sponsors include: ANB Bank and Coldwell Banker Mason Morse brokers, Patty Brendlinger, Carrie Bryant and Christy Clettenberg. To inquire about sponsorship email:

AspenBusinessConnect provides a way for us all to meet the faces behind the businesses in our valley and learn about the incredible programs and services that we have access to in our valley.

The more networking events we have, the more we will learn that with perseverance and a little blind faith, dreams do come true for us, if we stay true to them.

  • Be sure to pick up your Marble Bar Aspen Distiller’s Card for local discounts
  • RSVP to this Wellness Event happening April 7th. Catered by Susie Jimenez.
  • Bosq is closed until mid-May for the off-season. Follow them here for updates.



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