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Time to Resist: An Interview with Wilderness Workshop

Time to Resist: An Interview with Wilderness Workshop

Coming off the backs of Earth Day and the March for Science,and moving into the weekend with the People’s Climate March happening all over the country, we were happy to have the opportunity to bring Will Roush into the RadioCMC studio for an interview. Roush is the Conservation Director for the Wilderness Workshop, the conservation watchdog of the White River National Forest and adjacent federal public lands, with a goal to keep our beloved backcountry more or less “as is” and, where possible, to restore wildness to this nationally important landscape.

Subscribe to Capital Watch. Capital Watch is a rapid response advocacy tool to defend public lands and bedrock environmental protections. It is designed to help you hold Congress and the Trump administration accountable and stop in their tracks any attempts to sell off public lands, gut bedrock environmental laws, or roll back significant progress already made on climate and protections for wildlife and wildlands. Citizen activism has never been more important. Act today!

Listen to Podcast HERE

What is Wilderness Workshop?

[su_box title=”Wilderness Workshop”]As the conservation watchdog of the greater White River National Forest region, WW is the voice for wild nature on nearly 3 million acres of federal public lands. Much of what we do directly involves our members and the public – for example, rallying organized support to protect threatened areas, or to oppose a potentially harmful project or piece of legislation. We also offer volunteer projects, hikes, presentations and other public events. At the same time, it takes a lot of technical, behind-the-scenes work to fulfill our mission: reviewing proposals, creating maps, intervening in environmental review processes, doing scientific monitoring, meeting with agency and elected officials, persuading, negotiating, challenging and (occasionally) litigating. Please click for more information on the following areas of our work: Public lands defense. We safeguard the ecological health of the federal public lands in our service area, with particular attention to roadless areas and critical wildlife habitat. This “forest watchdog” work is concerned with three main issues: oil and gas development, forests and wildlife, and recreation. Wilderness. We campaign for new wilderness (and other permanent protections), and monitor the health of existing wilderness areas. Habitat restoration. We work to restore the functional wildness of a landscape fragmented by human activity. Education. We engage our members and educate the public on conservation issues. [/su_box]


President Trump just signed an executive order that could eliminate or shrink 24 or more national monuments. The order requires a review of previously designated monuments to determine whether they should be eliminated or reduced in size. Both Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante are likely top targets for the administration. Call the BLM at 202-208-3801 and ask to leave a message for Secretary Zinke letting him know that any roll back of these critical protections is unacceptable. More information at: http://www.wildernessworkshop.org/act


Has your anger reached a boiling point yet? Sorry – but no more “pussy-footing” around what’s going on in our country. With our current government working hard to take away important laws protecting our environment, our planet and our people, it’s time to stand up, if you haven’t done so already.

Call the BLM at 202-208-3801 and ask to leave a message for Secretary Zinke letting him know that any roll back of these critical protections is unacceptable.
Key messages from Capital Watch: Tell Secretary Zinke not to eliminate or shrink any national monuments.

  1. I am calling to leave a message for Secretary Zinke about the executive order to review national monuments. Please let the Secretary know I don’t want to see any change to national monuments and he needs to listen to the vast majority of Americans who support protecting monuments, parks and public lands.
  2. Each year I visit southern Utah including Bears Ears (see map below) and Grand Staircase Escalante Monuments (or mention another monument you visit). These places and archeological sites deserve the protections given to them and any change in their boundary would rob our children of their heritage.
  3. National monuments protect some of the most scenic and sacred lands in America. An attack on any monument is a threat to all our national parks, monuments and public lands. I urge the secretary to list to the American people and maintain protections for these special places.

☎️ ☎️CALL TO ACTION ☎️☎️

Call your local state reps, on the hour … or at least daily.

Sen Cory Gardner (R):
(970) 245-9553 GJ
(202) 224-5941 DC

Sen Michael Bennet (D):
(970) 241-6631 GJ
(202) 224-5852 DC

House Rep CO 3 Dist.
Scott Tipton (R):
(970) 241-2499 GJ
(202) 225-4761 DC

Join @IndivisibleAspen


Let’s do this together!!!

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