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Training Your Husband On Treating You Right

Training Your Husband On Treating You Right

[su_heading size=”18″]Training Your Husband On Treating You Right[/su_heading]

Is it possible to train your husband and your kids to give you that one special day you deserve so much and show you the love on those special occasions??

With a birthday usually falling on the same weekend of Mother’s Day, and an anniversary in the same month as two of our birthdays, I get a whole lotta triple nothing on these days that should be for feeling special.

Sitting my husband and three boys down I informed them that never, nEVER, EVER again will I endure the deep disappointment that consistently passes with every uneventful special occasion in my life.

As I paced back and forth lecturing my handsome brood I reminded them what it’s like to treat a lady right, especially one’s mother and wife, and what a woman/mom expects from her man and sons. Being the positive person I am, I told them that there was no time like the present to start practicing on me. Looking at me with glazed eyes it was clear that this was beyond their grasp.

Knowing that I am partially at fault for their cluelessness, in order to get the attention I deserve I had to train them better.

We began with the next special overly commercialized day, Valentine’s Day by buying art supplies together after googling Jim Dine’s hearts. What happened after that was close to miraculous as they burst into action creating amazing cards. My nine year old wrote a letter to his grandparents that made me cry, I never cry!

It’s not all Baddy’s fault either. Admittedly, I’ve accused him of being unimaginative when presented with red Roses and that he must not bring me flowers on the day that I would most expect it. After giving me chocolates I gave him a sweetly acerbic comment regarding his not noticing my desire to avoid sugar, and after resorting to not knowing what to do at all and presenting me with a single card he received the silence treatment. I know, I know. WOMEN! We are so not easy, unless you listen carefully to what we are trying to tell you.

Now, a few days prior to each occasion I give them the warning and a list of things that I would like to have happen, and the events are getting slightly more exciting. Hopefully, next special day my sons will convince Baddy to surprise me with a night stay in a luxurious hotel, rose petals in the bed and a bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket. Most likely I will get a wet kiss, a card and a lecture that he shows his love to me in other ways. I know this is true but most definitely unacceptable!

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