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The Omni Interlocken Resort A Hotel Review

The travel has officially begun for Aspen Real Life with an initiation visit to the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, Colorado for The Warrior Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree.


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Best Lacrosse Hotel in Denver:

The boys were excited to once again head out to Denver this past weekend and participate in The Warrior Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree, one of the largest youth lacrosse events in the country, and the fifth largest lacrosse event in the world.

We hit the road late Friday night with massive complaints by the boys that they were going to miss the dive in movie and late night play with their friends at the The Omni, a Four-Diamond award-winning hotel that bravely welcomes over two hundred lacrosse players, and their families, at this time every year.

The next morning, I approached one of the Hotel Managers, Chad Oaks, and asked him if he was battening down the hatches before the Lacrosse brood arrived and he surprised me by saying how they look forward to this weekend every year. Love that positive attitude!

Perhaps the novelty has worn off but I think it’s more attributed to Tucker getting easier, playing on the sidelines with all the other sprouting rough and tumble siblings instead of clinging to my side and chanting, “when can we go home?” What also makes things run smoother is that the boys, no longer wanting to be subject to mommys embarrassing improv techniques, now pack their own sport bags.

The games are getting so exciting as Axel and Brevitt grow bigger and more proficient with their sticks. I surprise myself as I take over the cheering for Wade who has become self appointed water boy, Adam Sandler style. Shots are made, goals are scored and parents release some steam onto the fields. Reconvening by the pool for sliders, Grilled Shrimp salads, virgin Pina Colada’s for the kids and loaded Margarita’s for the parents, we celebrate the day and the beauty of the sport.

(Axel Scores a Goal!)

Later that afternoon I lay down on the comfy lounge chairs with good friends and sighed a deep breathe of gratitude. My first true dose of sunshine warmed my winterized skin and I watched as the children cannon-balled off the stress of the games into the pool. It’s a scene alright but for some reason the energy felt slightly calmer this year.

The Omni Interlocken Resort A Hotel Review

This year, instead of swinging between catering to the wild rumpus in the pool and the wedding vows taking place on the adjacent field, the hotel? brought in Aztec dancers and good times were had as our little warriors joined them in an ancient cultural dance.

As day turned to night the father’s huddled closer together to exchange mountain biking stories and? family trials and tribulations and we mother’s had some good laughs at our super woman lifestyles. As for our boy and girl lacrosse stars, well they are getting bigger and more attractive by the minute and with that comes that magical time in life when it’s not only about how many chicken fights you can have in the pool.? I’m telling you what, I’m thinking that the locals are catching on.

All in all, it was another great weekend and even though our boys didn’t make it to the championships, they sure had a good time trying.

Visit the Omni’s website to view their package deals and don’t forget to become a Select Guest Member to take advantage of exclusive offers such as the Bed & Breakfast Package.

**Disclaimer: While it may be true that we were lucky enough to receive comped rooms for this review, all opinions are my own.


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Aspen Real Life
The beauty abounds no matter the weather.#aspenthanksgiving#coloradothanksgiving #sothankful#familytime ...
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