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What to Do in Aspen During the Offseason?

What are you doing for the off season? If you have any specials/events going on, I invite you to join my facebook page and post it on my wall. http://facebook.com/aspenreallife
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What to Do in Aspen During the Offseason?

Winter is hanging on up here with 10 – 20 inches of snow expected in the forecast between now and Monday and more snow coming every day of next week…Don’t get me wrong, once in it, it’s a blast, it’s just getting the motivation to get there.

With Baddy’s ribs still broken and no partner to play with in the snow, depression is beginning to set in. I’m thinking tomorrow, closing day on Highlands Bowl will change that.

It’s the end of April after all and the beautiful flowers are intermittently bursting open to show off their bright colors, between snowfalls.

Everywhere I go locals are also ready to burst from having spring fever. Memories of desert trips with Baddy infiltrate my mind but he reminds me that I’m thinking back over twelve years to a time where we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. A time where we hiked all day holding hands, stopping often to take photographs of each other, returning to our campsite for appetizers and alcohol. A time where we did our best to not fall off the rock as we rolled around in magical light cast by the setting suns rays. And a time where we found my glasses ground into the dirt next to the empty bottle of  Jeager. That’s the time I daydream of often, a time where I could play all night with my  man and my Jaeger under the stars. That’s the time I miss.

Now, Lacrosse prevails and so I turn to my girlfriends to break open our calendars and see if we can make the great escape happen. I’m ready to play on my mountain bike and wake up my dormant muscles as I test my skills, or lack thereof, on steady climbs and single tracks that twist and turn over deep canyons. I’m ready for that, the physical exertion rejuvenating my body and clearing my mind as I deeply inhale the sweet scent of pinion.

Screeech to reality. It ain’t gonna happen. So, I did some research to find what my options are here…in the snow:

Dancing during the Day in Aspen

Slightly White Band

What to Do in Aspen During the Offseason?

  • Go Sledding! get out your Swiss Bobsled and go sledding in the high country. Please be careful and wear helmets.

April 28 – May 1ST:

  • 5 Point Film Festival: The 5Point Film Festival is on a mission to inspire adventure of all kinds, to connect generations through shared experience and respect, to engage passion with a conscience, and to educate through film. Tickets can be purchased online, in person or via telephone at the Carbondale Recreation Center at 970.704.4190

Beginning May 2nd:

  • Town of Snowmass Village Recreation Center: Take the kids to my favorite pool, really, I love it, and you know I’m not much of a pool person. This one is outdoors and not only is it heated to the perfect temperature but it’s also salt water and it’s never been too crowded when I’ve been there. If your kids are swimmers, trust them to Rosie, the only lifeguard in the valley who seems to watch the pool as well as I do. Go work out in the gym while the kids have a blast playing in all of the water features, including the gentle water slide.

There is also a great ramp in the pool for the toddlers to crawl up and down like alligators, but stay with them please. When the kids tire of swimming, they can stretch their limbs in the cave-like climbing gym or run outside to shoot some hoops and/or skateboard in one of our favorite parks.

Snacks and Pizza from Tasters are available for purchase but unfortunately, no more sandwiches.

FACILITY WILL BE CLOSED for maintenance for one week only, April 24 – Monday May 2nd. For hours/prices and pass information, visit their website.

  • Saturday, May 7th Anderson Ranch Hands Presents Mother’s Day Tea Party Schermer Hall & Cafe 5263 Owl Creek Road, Snowmass, CO
    Celebrate Your Mom! Cardmaking/Cookie Decorating & Tea/Tshirt Screen Printing
    (bring your own or purchase a Ranch Tshirt)/RSVP by May 1/Ranch Hand Members Free
    $20 per non-member family/tshepard@andersonranch.org/Trish Shepard 970-923-3181 X208
  • Sunday, May 8th: Mother’s Day. Take your mama out to a champagne brunch, bring her flowers, make her a card, whatever it takes, DO IT!  My favorite place for brunch? The Sonnenalp in Vail. There I said it!!!
  • Thursday, MAY 5TH: CINCO de MAY

Hunter Bar: Celebrate El Grito al Hunter Bar w/ DJ Angel. Corona, Modelo, Tequila & Margarita Specials.Worst hung over of the year, EVERY YEAR!!!

  • MAY 9TH: My ummmm…30 something b-day??? Place and time tbd.
  • May 12th: Aspen Art Museum. 6pm

The Anxiety of Photography: artist Mario Garcia Torres discusses his work and the important role photographic processes play in his practice.

  • May 13, 14 & 15th The Aspen Community School Garage Sale.
    The school’s annual fundraiser is being held at the Willits Town Center (next to Kitchen Collage). The school is now accepting donations for the sale. Items to drop off for sale include bikes, furniture, sporting goods, spring-cleaning finds, etc. — For free pickup of items; call Hunt at 309-2268. Or, bring items by and make pre-sale purchases on Sundays from 2-5 p.m. The collection is under way on Sundays through May 15 at the Willits Town Center space. Any clothes can be dropped off in Carbondale to Alexa’s Closet, mark bags as payable to ACS Garage Sale —
  • 8th Annual Roaring Fork Valley Studio Tour. First Friday Kick-Off Event, June 3 at the Third Street Center. Studio Tour Saturday, June 4th.
  • Aspen Fly Fishing Summer Camps for Kids. Offering two day fly fishing camps for the age range of 8 – 18 years of age. Get kids interested in fly fishing while in Aspen.As well as the free, that right FREE fly fishing clinics on Wednesday nigths @ 6pm in Basalt.
  • Limelight Lodge: Music every Friday night. 5:30-8:30pm.

Fridays April Paine and John Sommers of the Defiance Strinb. Saturdays Rich Ganson performs live

  • Carbondale Clay Center. Check in with them before you miss any more fun events like their Carbondale Beer Works held this past Thursday.
  • Basalt Wine Shop. Get on their mailing list and join them every other Wednesday evening for fun wine tastings.
  • Winepiper. Go visit them in Carbondale for their Friday evening wine tastings, and have fun learning all about wines by the great and dynamic Rudolph Pieper .
  • Visit the Glenwood Caverns for 4D Motion Theater, Awesome Laser Tag, The Giant Canyon Swing, The Alpine Coaster, The Soaring Eagle Zip Ride, Wild and/or Walking Cave Tours, Bungee Trampoline, Fort WhereAmI Maze, Doc’s Rock climbing wall, Wild West Wagon simulated Conestoga Ride and, my favorite, The Mechanical Bull!! They’re open 10-5 Mon-Fri, 10-6 Sat & Sun through May 26, but check website first to check what is open and what is not.
  • Visit the Glenwood Hot Springs while you’re there.
  • Campo de Fiori, a local hot spot, is open Wed-Sun 6pm. 25% off on entire bill in the dining room.
  • Viceroy Snowmass opens on May 26h with Colorado rates starting at $95. Let’s lounge out, eat amazing food and have a pool party?!


April – May 2011

Restaurants Phone # Closing – Opening Dates
39 Degrees 925-6760 Close April 10th, Open weekends, Closed all May
520 Grill 925-9788 Closed Sundays, Closed May 12 – 20
Ajax Tavern 920-6334 Closed April 15 – May 12
Asie 920-9988 Open
Aspen Brewery 920-2739 Open
BB’s Kitchen 429-8284 Open Tue.-Sat. Brunch, Lunch, & Dinner
Big Wrap 544-1700 Closed April 22 -May 16
Boogie’s Diner 925-6610 Open Lunch & Dinner daily
Brexi 925-2838 Closed April 16, reopen around Memorial Day
Brunelleschi’s Dome Pizza 544-4644 Open
Butcher’s Block 925-7554 Open (Closed Easter Sunday)
CP Burger 925-3056 Open
Cache Cache 925-3835 Closed April 10 – May 27
Campo de Fiori 920-7717 Closed Mon. and Tues. beginning April 18
Cantina 925-3663 Open
Caribou Club 925-2929 Closed April 10-June 8
Casa Tua 920-7277 Closed April 17 – June 6 (approx.)
Domino’s 925-3230 Open
Elevation 544-5166 Open
Ellina 925-2976 Open all April Closed in May
Elkhorn Bar and Grill 925-1500 Open Fri. Sat. Sun. 3PM-9PM w. limited menu
French Pastry Café 925-3569 Open Mon. – Sat.
Garden Terrace Closed during winter season
Gisella 925-8222 Open 6 PM Tues. – Sat. after April 17
Grape Bar 429-9108 Open Thur.-Sat. only
Grateful Deli 925-6647 Open, Closed Sun.
Hickory House 925-2313 Closed Mon. and Tues. beginning April 11
Highlands Pizza Co. 920-3747 Closed April 25 – June 10
Hunter Bar 920-0009 Open lunch & dinner
Il Mulino 205-1000 Open Wed-Sun. Lunch & Dinner
Ink Coffee 544-0588 Open
J Bar 429-7674 Open
Jacob’s Corner 920-1000 Closed
Jimmy’s 925-6020 Open 4:30-11pm nightly. Closed 5/15-19
Johnny McGuire’s Deli 920-9255 Open
Jour De Fete 925-5055 Open Mon.-Fri. 7am-4pm, Sat&Sun-3pm
Junk 925-5865 Open Tues. – Sat. 12PM
Kenichi 920-2212 Closed Sun & Mon starting April 24
L’Hostaria 925-9022 Closed Sun & Mon, starting April 18
La Palapa 544-8479 Closed April 11 – May 13
Little Annie’s 925-1098 Open
Little Nell (Montagna) 920-6330 Closed April 11 – May 11
Little Ollie’s 544-9888 Open
Louis’ Swiss Pastry 925-8592 Open
Lulu Wilson 920-1893 Closed April 10 – ?
Main Street Bakery & Café 925-6446 Closed May 2 – 9
Matsuhisa 544-6628 lounge open nightly, dining room thurs.-Sat.
Mezzaluna 925-5882 Closed Sun starting April 17
N9NE Steakhouse 920-1090 LAST DAY SAT. APRIL 9
New York Pizza 920-3088 Closed May 8 – 15
Oy Vey Café 544-1722 Open
Nutrition 925-8900 Open may close 2 weeks in May
Pacifica 920-9775 Closed April 10 – Memorial Day Weekend
Papa Johns 920-1494 Close till mid May
Paradise Bakery 925-7585 Open
Parallell 15 920-3730 Open through May
Peaches 544-9866 Open, Closed Sun.
Pine Creek 925-1044 last lunch April 9 & 10 until June
Pinons 920-2021 Closed April 10 – ?
Pitkin County Steakhouse 544-6328 Open Thurs.-Sat.
Pitkin County Tavern 544-6328 Open Thur. – Sat.
Plato’s @ Aspen Meadows 925-4240 Closed April 11 – ?, bar open 11am – 11pm
Poppycocks 925-1245 Open
Pyramid Bistro 925-5338 Starting April 17 lunch only
Red Mountain Grill 544-6336 Closed  for Spring – ?
Red Onion 925-9955 Open
Rustique 920-2555 Open Tues. – Sat.
Sabra’s Deli 920-3489 Open 10AM – 8PM (beg. Mid April)
Silver Queen 920-3616 Open Wed-Sat. at 5:30pm
Specialty Foods of Aspen 544-6656 Open
Starbucks 544-6830 Starting April 11 7am – noon
Su Casa 920-1488 Closed April 30 , reopen May 18
Syzygy 925-3700 Closed April 10 until June
Takah Sushi 925-8588 Closed April 24 – Memorial Day Weekend
Taster’s 925-1952 Open
The Restaurant 920-3300 Closed April 4 – June 14
Ute City 925-2900 Open
Victoria’s Espresso 920-3001 Open daily 8AM – 8PM
Wild Fig 925-5160 Beg. April 10, closed Sun., Mon. Open 5:30PM Tue.- Sat.
Willow Creek Bistro 429-2327 Open for lunch Sat. & Sun thru April 24
Woody Creek Tavern 923-4585 Open 11AM – 10PM
Zane’s Tavern 544-9263 Open
Zocalito 920-1991 Closed April 26 – May 12

Thanks to the Aspen Chamber Resort Association for compiling this list.

Eateries already closed (April 9th & 10th 2011)  until summer are MontagnaAjax TavernLa PalapaSyzygyPacificaPlato’sPinonsGarnish,Cache CacheLuLu WilsonThe RestaurantPine Creek, and the very last night for N9NE on the 9th.

If you are a local and would like to post any specials or events you are having in April/May, than I invite you to join in on Jilly3’s Chat Room by clicking LIKE and sharing your information there.

(Ajax Tavern: Spring Parties)

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