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What to Do with your Kids on a Snow Day?

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[su_heading size=”18″]What to do with your kids on a snow day[/su_heading]

Yesterday I got the call at 6:00am that it was a snow day and there would be no school. Michele was away watching Devon ski race in the Junior Olympics and Nikki and India were staying with us.  I was relieved that I got the call before I made all five lunches.

It is always such a nice diversion when the girls come to visit. Nikki is an eleven year old nurturer and teacher and the children follow her lead all day. I love to listen and learn from her as she patiently and logically diffuses arguments that break out, usually between Axel and Thumper. India, who for the first six years of her life wished she was a boy, teaches the boys how to burp and shows them that not all girls are delicate. The girls do add a softer element to the mix adding a touch of finesse to all the craziness.

As the snow fell the children slowly came out of their rooms still dressed in their fuzzy pajamas. Nikki lay under a blanket by the fire and one by one each child crawled under with her. Immediately, the imaginative games began. The characters have developed since they were toddlers but the names remain the same. Most of my rules were swept to the wayside so that they could have a day of unfiltered fun. I had to guess who they were throughout the day as they came squeaking up to me with little voices. First they were baby polar bears who were trying not to become extinct. Next they stretched their tops over their bodies only to reveal their feet and became little people called “Mibbets”.  Approximately every twenty minutes the game would transform into something new, their minds filled with creative ideas.

In between games they went outside and built snow forts and snow people. Hootie-Hoo was a few steps behind them all day running to me to get his clothes put on and taken off. He would yell at me to hurry and accuse me of pulling his hair as I put on his helmet and goggles that he demanded he wear. The children took care of him with one collaborative effort when he would finally be plopped outside.

My job was to tend to the emotionally and physically wounded. Hootie-Hoo told me  that hugs were better than ice to make him feel better and so I was dolling out hugs all day. I was also the short order cook. The kids wrote menus and placed orders at “Jilly’s restaurant” and sat at the counter watching me prepare their food.

In the afternoon Thumper turned on the music and became our DJ. He put on a show gyrating his hips and singing into a microphone. Clearly he has inherited his father’s talent of dancing. The girls and I exchanged smiles as we watched our emerging rock star.

Baddy came home early knowing that I may need my Bikram’s yoga fix. I was torn between wanting to have a wonderful evening with all the kiddies or getting a little meditative stretching in a hot room. I chose the latter and flew away. I returned refreshed and ready to put all my sweet children to bed. I am lucky to have my little nieces to appease my desire for girls in the house. Baddy is also lucky because without them chances are that I would still be nudging him for one last try for a baby girl.

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4 thoughts on “What to Do with your Kids on a Snow Day?”

  1. Hi Jillian, Cherrie here from follow me club. Just subscribed to your blog. Geez, where do you live? And I’m already complaining that the temps here in Chicago went down to 30s again from 60s the other day. When I saw the snow pic on your post, I suddenly became grateful for the 30s!

  2. This day sounds so precious! I love watching kids play, I’m always amazed at how imaginative they are!

    Hi Jillian! Came over from MBC/Follow Me group. Sorry it took me so long to get over here, but I’ve finally subscribed to your blog. Can’t wait to read more!


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