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What to wear to the Winter X-Games 2016

What to Wear to the Winter X-Games in Aspen

What to wear to the Winter X-Games 2016

[su_heading]What to Wear to the Winter X-Games in Aspen[/su_heading]

Don’t know what to wear to the Winter X-Games in Aspen? Go visit Drita Rosin and Kimberly Wilson Jarrell at KCOR Designs and Kali’s Aspen and get your sexy on.

If you saw our interview on Cassidy Jarrell after he brought home the gold at the last USASA Slopestyle Competition, you can now meet his bombshell of a mom, Kimberly, who just joined together with Drita of KCOR Design and moved her fantastic Kali’s Aspen boutique to a new location. Together they are rocking Aspen with fashionable, sexy, affordable and comfortable clothing and jewelry designs.

Having become quite the digital concierge, we are often met with questions on what to wear when visiting Aspen. We get it. It’s tricky when figuring out what to bring for the slopes, the nights out dancing on tables, the evenings drinking champagne at our private night clubs…AND the late night hot tub debauchery. There is so much fun we can have with this, but today we are focusing on what to wear to the Winter X-Games and it starts with Kimberly and Drita, the quintessential Aspen Fashion Connoisseurs who know how to put the S in sexy and who rock “Aspen Chic” outfits, regardless of the time of day, or the event.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t love everything that Kimberly is wearing and  thankfully the fashion, clutches and accessories she wears can be purchased in her store.

What to wear to the Winter X-Games 2016

As for Drita, don’t be fooled by her and all her gorgeousness for she is also a badass and can out-ride many a man on her mountain bike. Drita creates unique and original luxurious and organic  fashion forward jewelry and often adds a touch of her badassness in diamond encrusted skulls, snakes, daggers and shark’s teeth that hang from chains or beads. If you are more one of the heavens, you can also find celestial pieces, my personal favorite being the diamond angel wings.

What to Wear to the Winter X-Games in Aspen IMG_9039What to Wear to the Winter X-Games in Aspen IMG_9041

To give you your own personal shopping experience, we had Drita and Kimberly put together outfits that they might wear to the Winter X-Games, or just through town – because in Aspen, as long as you have the attitude to support it, you can wear whatever you want, even cut off jean shorts with rollerblades.

Be sure to visit their store now located upstairs at 525 East Cooper and tell them that Aspen Real Life sent you. We promise your shopping experience will be unlike any other in Aspen, Colorado.

Author: Jillian

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