Working with Horses to Create Stable Relationships

Working with Horses to Create Stable Relationships

Incorporating the wisdom of horses into her psychotherapy practice, Aimée Dale-Lucius helps individuals, couples and families create more stable relationships.

I’ve had horses in my life since childhood and I’ve always known that I feel my best when I am around them, but it wasn’t until I was in graduate school, pursuing my Masters Degree in Counseling, that I began connecting the dots of horses as therapeutic. Through my own growing self-awareness, I noticed how all of my relational “stuff” came up in my relationship with my horse. It was in this arena that I began to realize that the answers were often the same in how to continue to move my horse forward in his training and how to become more skillful in my own human relationships. This realization ignited my passion for incorporating horses into my therapy practice and inspired me to create The Relationship Stable to share this powerful work with others.

Therapy is, to a large extent, about increasing self-awareness so that individuals can catch themselves in the act of thinking and behaving in maladaptive ways and replace those thoughts, and behaviors with more skillful ones. A horse’s survival depends on them being experts at reading situations and noticing discrepancies in their environment so that they can swiftly choose an appropriate reaction. When we interact with horses, they figure us out pretty quickly and respond accordingly. When we are paying close attention to their behavior, they will show us aspects of ourselves that we might not have previously noted. I’ve had the same herd of horses in the arena with different people, and noticed the herd dynamics and horse’s behavior radically change according to what the different group members are bringing; it’s truly remarkable to observe. Horses know just where to go and then we follow their lead.

So, how does this work?

Everything in life comes down to relationships. We are constantly in multiple relationships and becoming skillful at relationship building takes awareness and practice. I’m passionate about helping people create more stable relationships with themselves, their families, their spouses, their work, and the world at large. I have experienced first hand, many times over, what powerful teachers and guides horses can be for creating more stable, healthy relationships and I’d welcome the opportunity to explore that with you.

Every individual’s personal history, current circumstances, goals and needs are unique; therefore, I tailor my approach to fit each individual case. In addition to being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in New Mexico and a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate, (LPCC) in Colorado, I am EAGALA certified as an Equine Mental Health Specialist and an Equine Specialist, I am a PACT Level 2 Certified Couples Therapist, I hold a certificate in Children’s Mental Health Counseling, and I have completed training for certification in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Sandplay Therapy and the Community Reinforcement Approach Family Training (CRAFT). I prefer to combine in office sessions with equine sessions as I find that each of the modalities I employ enhance all the others.

Would you like to create more stable relationships? Reach out today.

Aimée Dale-Lucius, MA, LPCC

[email protected]


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