Double Diamond Moving & Storage Rocks!

Double Diamond Moving & Storage Rocks!

Double Diamond Moving & Storage Rocks!

If you back post on AspenRealLife you will see that our family has moved a lot. Seven times in 14 years to be exact, and Double Diamond Moving & Storage has moved us at least four of those times. We go way back.

We have known Co-Owner of Double Diamond Moving & Storage, Zak Fishkin, for over 12 years. He was the freestyle skiing coach for our boys at Aspen Valley Ski Club, and the boys always loved him. We were happy to give back and hire him to move us, we just didn’t realize from the start how many times it would actually be.

It was Zak’s partner, Lupe Sanchez, who stood by our side for our first move over seven years ago, when the three boys were still adorable and inquisitive and couldn’t wait for the big truck to drive up the driveway to our Beetlejuice-like house on the hill in Old Snowmass. Lupe moved us from there to our temporary apartment in Basalt that we lived in while we built our contemporary farmhouse – from the hill down to the valley of Old Snowmass.

Lupe walked in with efficiency, seriousness and an air of confidence that immediately made us feel confident that all would be fine. We were a bit shell shocked after my mother’s 19th Century English Art Collection was stolen by movers back in Connecticut. A heist that was busted much later. We had to go with a mover of whom we trusted completely and we felt fortunate that we had a strong relationship with Zak.

[su_box title=”Bust in Alaska nets Victorian paintings stolen”]When wildlife agents infiltrated the home of a small-town Alaska couple suspected of dealing illegal animal parts, they didn’t expect to find fine art among the couple’s loot. But amid the machine guns and illegal ivory, the pot and coca plants, sat five pricey Victorian paintings pilfered from a New England woman’s home in 2005….The paintings were worth about twice what she collected as compensation.[/su_box]

That last few days of packing up an entire house is always the absolute worst, a total #lifedisruptor. I had moved too many times and I was done. There were still lots and lots of clothes and personal items to be packed up and I stood looking at the piles with absolute exhaustion, and a desire to roll up into a ball in a dark room and go to sleep. This time when Lupe walked in and saw me in a semi-coma state, he didn’t say a word about what still needed to be done and like somebody expertly navigating a double diamond run, he and his crew got to work, carefully packing up what was left and moving us from Basalt to where we are now in Aspen. The weight of the move began to lift from my shoulders.

The Owners of Double Diamond Moving & Storage

[su_box title=”Double Diamond Moving & Storage”]Double Diamond Moving & Storage, LLC was established by 3rd Generation mover Zak Fishkin and 30 year expert mover Lupe Sanchez. (The greatest mover in the world)! Based in Carbondale, Colorado, we service the Aspen Valley, all of Colorado, the US and throughout the world. Specializing in Interior Designer Services, Online Inventory, Digital Photography and more! [/su_box]

Now we are in our current rental up in Aspen for an indeterminate amount of time and the notion that we have to move at least two more times in the next seven years while our boys are still in the Aspen schools fills me with dread, but I know that when the time comes for us to do it all over again, we can call upon Zak, Lupe and Double Diamond Moving & Storage and bring them in to save the day, yet again.

** Double Diamond services the Aspen valley and state of Colorado for moving, storage, packaging and interior decorator receiving and installation. Call them to book your move: 970-927-3770.

*** Disclaimer: We received in-kind services for this advertorial but would use Double Diamond regardless!!

Double Diamond Moving & Storage Rocks!
Drawn by Brevitt When Zak Was Coaching Him

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